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bag is beautiful - finger shaped carrot weird


I'm not sure I was thinking finger, if my Mum reads this, I was.


that does get my vote for weirdest veggie ever. whatever body part you feel it looks like...
the bag is amazing. I just love detachable things on bags...I saw a pattern somewhere that had a bag that had little dolls attached to it that could come off. it was really cute...

Niina Aoki

The best bag ever!!! Your daughter is so cool to invent the little bunny

juju vail

I thought it was a finger. Yuk.
Nice bag though. Lovely bunny.


That bag is lovely - the fabric is so pretty and I really like the little patchwork rosette (and bunny!) that you've attached to it - fit for a country lady! And yeah, what is with that carrot?!?

laurie b.

What a lovely bag! I think the bunny is the perfect addition to such a pretty tote. :)


your site is very useful

Rachel B

Hello! I've stumbled across your website whilst searching for inspiration for felt corsages of all things. Yes, I seem to have THAT much time on my hands! I love your stuff! It's fab!

Now you see that corsage thing (which isn't felt!) on your niece's bag??!! How for the love of god do I do that?

Warning: I can't sew very well (buttons and name tags a specialty!).

I want to make a present for someone and though I'd do the "here's something especially for you by me" whilst wiping the tear from the corner of my eye!!!


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