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Millennium Hippies

oh it's beautiful!!! so very girly! :)


Who wants simple when you can have THIS! Absolutely darling!
P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


It's fab, really! Love all the sweet doo-dads.


This is gorgeous! So lovely - great colour.


Perfect combo of color, pattern and detail. Brilliant!


The red polka-dotted fabric is wonderful! And I love the hand stitches around the opening!


I love it! I think that if you had a hundred people make the bag they would each have their own style reflected. it makes a great "blank canvas". I love all your flowery things. They seem so light and happy. everyone can always use a little bit of that!


Oh, it's just too pretty for words. It reminds me of strawberry shortcake - maybe it's the red and white polkadotted thing you've got happening. So sweet!

patricia lima

so lovely and sweet!
just perfect!


Such a great bag. Fabric, Trim, workmanship just wonderful!


Wow! This is so lovely and sweet. Sometimes simple is good, but sometimes flowery and fluffy is better :o)


speaking of Sobranie cigs, just what flavor IS pink?
I was always more of a Marlboro light, red bandana kinda girl, but that little bag does something to me.


Hi Lyn,

Thanks for your post...Monkey's up over at wishthimble. What's the collective noun for Monkeys...cos I want to make more!

A bunch of monkeys?


Is it a troop of monkeys?


lovely bag


delisious. Simple is a bad thing, don't you worry, honey.

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