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love the hobby horse. love those cutie japanese creatures! love visiting your blog --always fun.


I love the elephants and the kitty. Can't wait to see what you do with them. They all seem to have autumnal colors, I like that.


That cat is v-cute, but the bulldog on the front cover looks as though he has a bit of a problem with someone! Can't wait to see what you make from the book.

Jenny Vorwaller

sigh~too cute! LOVE the kitty lounging with that a lemon? :D thanks for sharing!


i love how shifty the elephants look. i think there is more going on there than meets the eye you know xxx


What cuties! Hey, I just bought a slew of plaid flannels at my new favorite quilt shop. Maybe they will assemble themselves into one of those marvelous mice or enchanting elephants! Double drat, I suppose I will have to sew them myself. Too many good ideas, not enough time.

Lee is right, they all have kind of shifty eyes. I wonder what they're up to....


These look wonderful...especially the elephant. Looking forward to seeing the results. Thanks for the lovely postings re: sis weekend...deep breath...


I love those little characters! Is it impossibly expensive to order from amazonjp to the US? Of course that would assume I could order from the site which I can't translate!! Any advise?


6:20 too EARLY? omg no! please. it should be encouraged. in fact, today a friend offered me a beer at noonish. i looked concerned, "a beer! what time is it?"

"what time is it?" he repeated. "it's AUGUST. that's what time it is."

Débora Figueiredo

Great book. I love the mice and the elephants.


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Hi, I found your site using Laive, does your site support Firefox?

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