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You have been busy. Can't wait to see all the photos. I left a comment about that awesome chicky purse on your flickr. C..U..T..E!!


Charming, as usual! (Especially that chick.)

Jenny Vorwaller

awww. awww. awww! i can't wait to trade due time, in due time..:)


They are both great - but that little mouse is amzing. Well done you!

juju vail

My goodness we are busy at Molly Chicken. Thank you for my little prezzie. I have been wearing it but it somehow sneeked into the washing machine and needs some straightening out now.


Too precious - is the chicken felted?


What a couple of sweeties! You have such talent for giving even the teeniest of things spades of character!


Both so sweet!


She is such a sweetie! I absolutely love her!!


that chicky thingy!! it's so cute and adorable!! but what is it by the way? i just stumble upon your site and everything is just so cute!!! you are really talented!!


I am very honored to be that special friend. You have touched my heart. Thank you most sincerely.


oh! i have missed so much cuteness!
i would love to see you kick picasso in the"man area". hahah!


I know I've already made a comment...but that mouse is too adorable! Arghhh.


Oh, those are so wonderful! I wish I could reach out & touch them.


A mouse? Heck no, that is a wonderful white rabbit!


eeep! so cute... what did you make the chicken out of? Is it a felted knit fabric?


can i get an animal pouch from u? a swap? a purchase? what do you think?


i just fainted....

Donna Huffmaster

Your creations are so sweet!


I love all of your creations, but that tiny little bunny..... OMG how cute :D

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