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Sooo gorgeous!! Felling abit fuzzy here too, somethings doing the rounds! Your purses are just totally fantastic, I love 'em!!


I love your little pouches, they're just so cute.


You've done it again...adorable! And I've just spent 20 minutes ack-ack-acking at that unbelievable Japanese cuteness!!


Lyn, the bunny and carrot are so cute. The fabric is beautiful. I agree with Vicki, you've done it again. And thanks for the link. Unbelievable!


What a sweetie Lyn! And thanks for the fun links. Hope you feel better. :)


Great links - hope you're feeling better soon. Can't wait to see the pram!


another completely gorgeous purse and wonderful links, thank-you, hope you feel better soon...i too can't wait to see the pram...


Cute Purse!
About the pram... Two half-circles of felt will make on.
One half for where the baby sleeps, and the other half for the bonnet part. That's only 2-D, though, if you wanted to put it on a card...


Your purses are so amazing! I sooo neeeeed one! You are so clever.


Take care Lyn, lose that cold soon! Thanks for the links, maybe it will be my first Japanese e-mail.


This one is just too cute! :-D


You have so much talent. It's adorable.


What a cute little bunny! Love the little carrot!

Donna Huffmaster

Great links! Thank you :)

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