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love it! thanks lyn.


East peasy Japaneseey.Its a legit saying in Australia.


Wonderful, and so easy to do. Thanks for sharing!

Tony LaRocca

That's cute! It reminds me of the South Park episode "Jewbilee" where we find out that all those arts and crafts kids have to make are really just religious sacrifices. ("What do you require Moses?" "I require... macaronni pictures & popcorn necklaces!")


I think even I could do that with some level of success! Thanks for the little tutorial. =)


WHOOPS - should have read EASY peasy Japaneesy- made no sense at all


Such a sweet little purse and an equally sweet tutorial! Thanks!!


Oh I love these comments tonight - it's like we're all at Lyn's getting loopy on Shiraz. What fun! Ok, got the giggles, will go now. Love the purse, something do-able even after a pop or 2.


Hey thanks for the tutorial!! I'm gunna give it a go!! Blanket stitch just rocks my world!


Adorable, adorable, adorable! I desperately need a new wallet and this project is just perfect (with the exception that my sewing machine is getting "tuned" right now.) Thanks again for inspiring me!


Linked to you from Soul Mama, and just had to say thank you for the "purse lessons". My little girl turns 3 on the 17th and a little wallet/purse was on her birthday wish list. This will be perfect!!!!


What a darling little purse! Thank you!

Frances Atkinson

This was so much fun...thanks Lyn. Ace pattern.


i love your crafts too.
let´s change some day...
denize "filha da mãe"


Lovely! Thanks for that.


oh thank you! we loved loved loved the


This is perfect, i wanted to make something to go with a necklace i bought my friend for her birthday, and i only have a week so this will do me fine :D
Thing is, I only have felt =/ its the right size but will it work ??

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