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That's such fun! I must have a go, but I'm going to do it on my machine. I'm not a hand sewer anymore! By the way, did you put your friend's corsage back together again or just give her a bag o' bits??!!

sandra lamb

I love your corsage, and especially like to see buttons used in a cluster.


This is BRILLIANT. I really like it and see possibilities for Christmas gifts...I really like that I could make it at home, which is sans sewing machine. . . :)


Thanks for sharing that's so generous of you. Great for all those scraps. I think even a novice like me could do it!


Wonderful tutorial, and a great use for scraps! I actually like how it looks finished and in step 3 and 4. Thanks for sharing. :)


Wow ! That's great. Thank you so much for sharing!


another gorgeous pattern, thank-you lyn!


Thanks for the great tutorial! It's really cute.


Brilliant! Thank you AND your poor friend! :o)


Very cute, thanks for the tutorial!!


How wonderful of you to share - new embellishments for all my white t-shirts!


Great idea, can't wait to make one of these. Love the colours you've used, very pretty. Thanks for the tutorial!


So impressive - definitely one for Christmas/birthdays!
Thanks for sharing that


I think this lovely corsage looks like a rosette which should be awarded to clever crafty people like you.


i like jane's idea! great tutorial -- thank you.


Brilliant tutorial! Thanks so much for this!


Beautiful corsage, and a really good friend.

Good for you!!!


Hey, great corsage -love the choice of fabrics. i made one just like it before I saw your page -albeit I bought a kit from a store with pattern. (it was a store called Accessorize in the UK).


Love it! Thank you!!! So inspiring!


thanks you !
there are fabulous ideas on your blog !
I love this brooch and your festives' animals !
and bracelets...of course !

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