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you're the queen of cute little things!

mimi k

what a cutie pie!


molly (& mommy) should be very proud of herself! that is one adorable and well done softy!


Oh squeal! So adorable. I have a purple hammy on my blog you can play with. What a good job for your first softie Molly :)


How cute! I see more little creatures in her future after that success, don't you?


Oooh, he/she is adorable! Excellent job, Molly.


So cute! Can't wait to little Caleb can make his own softies. He tries to help now (by tasting all of my fabric).

manda mcgrory

Oh how gorgeous! I bet Molly's really proud of herself, and quite rightly so! That sure is a cutie pie hamster.


Oh, you must be sooooo proud!

That hamster looks right out of a Japanese Craft Book!

Congratulations to Molly!


Oh dear lord, that is the sweetest thing ever!

Camilla Engman

It's so cute!!


aw, sunrise, sunset, eh? How completely cute. My daughter has begun designing her own t-shirt designs for her baby cousins...just like mummy. (are you my mummy?)


Fantastic. But I don't see the innards trailing out - or is this not based on the real-life hamster you had?


well done molly! you inherited mummy's crafty genes!


Molly is a chip off the ole block I see.
Can't wait to see more of her crafty creations!
oh and hi mom. Hope you had a good weekend.


Tell molly she did a wonderful job! What a clever girl!


That is possibly the cutest hamster I've ever seen--great job Molly!


She definitely has the touch. Its takes little hands to make such a tiny thing, so cute. My Emma wants it!


That's so cute. Well done Molly (and Mummy!)
Lyn, while I'm here, I know you have millions of kids, you don't have a girl of around 10ish do you?? (Fizz is urging for a penpal. I'm guessing yours are too young, but asking anyway xxx)


Brillant job!


wonderful, she obviously takes after Mum.


Ah, lovely! :)


Such a sweet softie! I hope my little one is crafty!


oh wow! you guys are quite a team. and that quilt is lovely...
happy new year.


Awww, good, another wee crafter is born! :-)


That's is the cutest little thing I've ever seen!


Great job - I see she is following in your footsteps!

Siow Chin

That's super cute! Like mother like daughter!


so adorable. you can see she inherited her mother's talents.


How cute! Well done Molly!


Aaahhh, a girl after your own heart, I see.

Well done Molly!


Aww you must be proud! Molly has been taking notes I see! Thanks for my comment Lyn, you rock!!! (as in you are brilliant! (not resembling a rock))

Gina L

She should be very proud of herself. The Design & the sewing it! Good Job


Oh ho ho! An itty bitty.


So crafty, creative talent IS a genetic trait! What a clever girl!

laura r.

molly, i love it!!!


Oh my god!!!!!! It so sweet:)))))))))


how cute!

two rabbits

the sweetest thing ever!!!


Wow, well we know where she gets her skill and talent don't we? What a gorgeous first project - it looks almost like a tiny little mole rat to me, except it's got eyeballs. So sweet.


WoW! Congratulations Molly!! That's a wonderful work.


Good golly Miss Molly...that is the cutest little hamster I've ever seen. Keep those softies coming, you've got lots of talent.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

I'm with you on having a creative genius for a daughter. Mine's the same way. She's twelve and learned to crochet one day, the next she designed and finished a baby sweater. Talk about spatial abilities. I was amazed.

Scribbles & Bits

Awwwww!!!!! Congratulations, Molly!!!!


Wow Molly, you are just as talented as your mother.
The hamster is super cute :)

Anna H.




What a cute little pinkie!

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