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Lyn, I missed this one - very funny. Love your Gocco work. Have you been checking out what other inks and things you can use? (Was reading that somewhere this morning, so I'm pretending I know all about it!)
I bought a great book today called 'Costume Dolls' (1964), it says there's a craft shop at 12 Magdalen Street, called J L Standeven. You could pop there later!!


Oh no! It's the worst when somebody loses an eye. Such a buzz kill. It's a good thing he's a cute little bugger to make up for that lost eye. Plus I bet he could make up a good tale as to how he lost it :).

Isn't carving those things addictive? I think so! Watching the bits coil up and fall away is sort of mesmerizing.


Blimey, you can tell them it'll end in tears but cute things wil be cute things... and BOY are they cute things!

I'm thinking a pirate patch would be a very attractive addition, I had one for a lazy eye when I was 5 and loved it.


What are you using to make stamps? gonks? linoleum? biscuits?
I'd like to give it a try but things that require patience tend to be beyond me.


It's really cute ! I'd like to try too !
What sort of ink can I use ?
Nice work and sorry for the teddy bear's eye !


Your little characters are so cute. The one that lost the eye made me laugh.

Scribbles & Bits



ACK! How cute! So sorry, but losing the eye - how stinkin CUTE! Great stamps. :)


Did you read the Christopher Brookmyre book of the same name???

Looks like great fun despite the lost eye!


Ay! Did you make these stamps? You are amazing. I am particularly fond of the elephant.


Bwahahahahahah Thank you! That made me giggle like a maniac. :)


These are just too cute!! is there no end to the adorable creations?? :) Thanks for the cute eye candy.


Still sweet even if he has only one eye.


As my nephew says, " it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, then its hilarious." Love the stamps!

manda mcgrory

I guess he didn't see that coming then?
(and I think I may have just woken Bella up by laughing out loud!)


Oh how lovely, your site is Accessable compliant for disabled people!!


Thanks for the giggle.


Nothing that a little pencil top eraser couldn't fix, eh?

Aborable as always.


Could you stitch him up a little eye patch? I think he'd look quite dashing....


You know, you could always carve a plaster stamp and fix it... :-)


Is this Gocco? I have been wanting one so badly... but scared about the future inavailability of supplies. I am wondering what Gocco owners plan to do then -- is there some way to rig something up so you can keep using it? What do you think?


hee hee, how cute.


Oh, dear - they said it would all end in tears! I think the eye patch would look quite fetching, though ;>)

What adorable li'l rascals!


Just pretend she's winking!
They are all so stinkin' cute!


Oh no, someone put his eye out! Mom told him that would happen.


too funny!


when oh when are you going to start selling this loveliness? or swapping? i'm not sure i can wait much longer! :)


:-) (many times over)


:O funny!


:O funny!


You are funny and they are all very cute!!


I just love this post!!! 'Until someone lost an eye...' ROFL!!!!!!

esther Veereschild

Oh please will you never stop blogging, I love you're funny/down to earth inputs!

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