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look at all the cute things here!
i am so glad you left a comment!
and yes i do send to uk ;)

that is so funny your daughter calls herself that!
hee hee.


What a great piece!! (Thanks Jane and Juju for convincing Lynn that she needed to have a blog!)
And what's that background? THAT looks interesting, too!


Without using a dictionary, too!

I love your Bunty - must show Phoebe when she comes in from school.


That hen is fabulous! I have a penchant for chickens too. We should do a chicken swap...

Dawn Mason

Every evening when I log onto your blog my family can hear me say "Oh,oh,oh! I think they now know that I'm not in pain but simply purring about the soft cuties in your photos.

Fran Atkinson

Another lovely piece. The expression is priceless!

ana ventura

Thank for your comment. This chicken is so funny!

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