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Your work is fabulous! I love your creations!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I have added you to my bloglines so I can blogstalk

~ Regina

Dawn Mason

Love this idea - "Bunty" brings back happy childhood memories. I spent many hours reading Bunty, Diana and other girls comics. Carefully trimming the cut-out dolls and clothes on the back pages and sticking them on card. Oh happy days!!!!


so sweet, love mr and mrs brown.


Argh, how adorable. They have a wonderful rusticity (is that a word?) to them, and glow of that 'made-with-love' look. Although I think Mrs Brown needs lessons in keeping Mr Brown in line! LOL, so cute!


Don't worry Shell, she's going to make him wash out the dirty nappy/daiper bucket in the morning.


what a cute little family!


Dawn, little Bunty is named after Jane at Yarnstorm's Bunty. My little girl is chicken- crazy (hence the blog name) and when she saw Jane's lovely hen that's what we had to call the baby bear.
I too used to read that comic, I particularly liked 'The Four Marys'
Ta-ra !


I need you to make me a cute chicken - and quick. My little boy Harvey was pecked by a large fierce Cockerel at a farm last Tuesday. A return visit to said Cockerel on Sunday resulted in a refusal to go anywhere near chickens. Yikes. Love the blog, and LOVE the creations.

juju vail

giggle, giggle.

Richenda Ewen

I've been looking at your stuff for a while(its awesome). When i was little(7) i hand made a teddy, then when i was 12 i lost him :( he took so long to make. But THERE HE IS on the internet. he looked exactly the same as Mr Brown.
Thankyou heaps for the inspiration and the reuion. :D

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