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He is cute! Did you make him yourself?




he is super cute. I love animals like that. they always seem to have their own story...


How funny! And what a great idea to have a special friend who comes out to comfort and distract at sick times...

Dawn Mason

I think he is just what you need when your under the weather - no matter how old you are. My sister has a soft giraff which she often mutters to when unwell. Her partner has become quite fond of the little chap!

Niina Aoki

Lol he is very funny indeed and would brighten up anybody's day!


god i love reading your posts!! <3


oh, my God! Everythink is so FANTASTIC!!!! im italian, and your works are awesome.. it looks like they went out from a farytail!! i Want him!!!!!!!!! amazing! ...really, amazing.... Contact me! I'd like it to much.. it's a onor! Bye Bye Honey =D, Giacinta


Poorly Martin is fantastic! even though it is late, i'm glad that i had the chance to see him.


please disregard the typo on my link in the last comment. this one works better, i promise. :)


I love your work, it reminds me a French children's book that I saw a long time ago about the sea. You must try your hability on books

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