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Lyn, Lyn,'re killing me with cute! (And I mean that in the best way.)
I'll have to think about the elephant noise. :-)


i love that --the insisting that you spell the elephant's sound correctly! what a smarty pants!

i followed a link here from... wee wonderfuls, i think.... your elephant is amazing and i love your blog. i'll be back!


I would spell the sound an elephant makes as, "Aaaarrrungh!!" or "Eeerungh!", depending on the elephant.


I asked my husband who makes the best animal noises for Oscar. He came up with prruuumph!


According to two young friends of mine from Chile, an elephant says, "Prrraaaahh, Prrrraaaaahhhh."


mpbpbpbaraah! Aren't elephants afraid of mice?

robin b.

Hmmmm...that's at tough one. I think it sounds something like BARRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Maybe not. Anyway I just discovered your lovely site via Wee Wonderfuls as well. Your creations are absolutely adorable!! I will most definitely be visiting again. :)


I see I'm not the only one to follow Wee Wonderfuls link to your wonderfulness! I couldn't stop smiling at the kitty purse and don't know if I'll recover from the elephant. I think it goes--"PPPHHHHHHHWWWWAAAAAHHH". Check with the cartoon "Little Bill", he does a mean elephant. :) Look forward to more of your great creations.


You've outdone yourself!! *So* cute, I love it! How about "EHRUUUUUUUU" ☺


Oh Micheal and Matilda are such heartbreakers! I want to play but there are so many good spellings out there...I'm just going to play and not to win, is that ok?

I was wondering, if Michael is an Asian or an African elephant? You might get Molly thinking about this one. Asian elephants have a unique chirping sound. Both types of elephants have many sounds, including the trumpet, which can be heard 5 miles (8 kilometers) away. They also communicate with their stomachs (I like that idea). The contented elephant makes grumbling tummy sounds. Other sounds are a scream and rumbles. Their trunks have over 40,000 muscles so they can use them to knock down a tree or pick up a piece of straw.

I have 2 sons and we learned a lot about elephants. I just love them, and my sons too!

Anyway, your purses are adorable. I have a little pink organza ruffely apron that if your husband would still like to see you in, I would love to trade!

Jenny Vorwaller

i want one!! :O) so so so adorable! hoe that pile gets bigger as you make more!


I'd say that an elephant says something like Rrrrroooooooooot! Or something. That one is cuter than cute, whatever he says.


Oh they are too cute. I was hooked when I saw the drawings the other day.!

Wheeooooh ?!?



Oh wow! Micheal is...... well he's just great, turned out so .... awww he's cool! Brilliant! His eyes and his smile, aaahhhh. I reckon Micheal would trumpetytrump but as for real elephants do they hhhoooowwwAAAAHHHHHHuuuhhhh ( or something like that?!?!? )


oh! i can't imagine how an elephant would sound in english, but i'll try anyway... the purses are too cute!

this is how an elephant would sound in spanish (i think!) PRRRRRREEEETTT!!!!


I love that she wants to spell it! As others have pointed out, there is a lot of diversity in elephant communication. Here's my best shot at elephant onomatopoeia (Ellie Sound 15 from the URL): zzzEEEEEEEEEEEEaaaaah


I think it's:



Love the purse. At our house an elephant noise is "stomp! stomp!"


At our house, this trumpeting sound is made while simultaneously raising one's arm to simulate the trunk: brrrurrruurruuuooo (the double r's are rolled like in Spanish). Michael and Mathilda are too much! Where do you get these fab ideas?!? I'd love to get in your head for a day...


ok --i've given it some thought (and asked around): phhhhhwwwwwaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuh


I asked my 1, 3 and 5 year old boys and they all came up with the same answer which is basically a 'Rrrreeeerrghh'. Not like a lions roar but a more high pitched sustained noise. We had fun anyway...I love the little purse! So beautifully made and as unique too.


You are definately NOT the only one that crafts instead of doing housework. My kitty likes to sleep on top of the ironing plie and thinks she's queen of the castle she's so high up!
As for the elephant noise, how about "PHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" ?
I love your purses/wallets.


Wow again! Michael and Matilda are just fabulous. I've put some thought into the elephant noise, too (and engaged the opinion of an almost 2 year old) and we think the elephant sound is something like "BWAAAAAAARRRGH"... although our Australian accents may have gotten in the way of a culturally-correct interpretation!

laurie b.

Okay, I love that little guy - too cute. Here is my take on the sound: You have to clench your teeth and keep your lips pressed slightly together so that the sound pushes through... and say "BBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

Best of luck! :)


Wow...that elephant is one of the CUTEST things I've ever seen. So original and whimsical. I love it!


so so so cute! I thought I was the only one who evaded the housework!


I have already put my answer in but I just have to say in a fit of insomnia last night I lay in bed thinking about the sounds a elphant makes. It kept me with a smile on my face insted of tossing and turning all night. And no I did not come up with a better answer than I have already posted :)

Again the purses are darling. It is always fun to see what you have going,

Happy weekend


Oh, goody a contest! I wanna win! Well, considering I've seen the Heffalump movie numerous times over with my boy--I think the official sound made by Lumpy, a heffalump himself is T-R-U-M-P-e-T-T-R-U-M-P-e-t-t-Y-D-e-e.
Regardless, these are G-R-E-A-T!


Goodness me, I couldn't even begin to guess how to spell an elephant sound. Michael the elephant is very handsome. You're so damn clever!

laura r.

kids ask the darndest questions.
what is ironing?
check this out: bzzzpeek

Niina Aoki

The purses you have been making lately are so so lovely! I love how they look so stitchy :)

Well in Japanese elephants make a noise like this:

patricia lima

hi! i just love this elephant! it's the most beautiful creature i've ever seen! adorable! can i buy it? please?
i'll love to have him in my house, i think we 'll be very happy together!!!


who cares about the ironing when you make such delightful purses, we think a heffalump goes huraaaamph! have a wonderful week...


as much as i'd love to win the elephant for myself, i really like sarah's suggestion of huraaamph. it seems particularly well-suited for mr. michael.


These are adorable!

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

This is an amazing little bag Lyn. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!




I found my way here from weewonderfulls too.
As for an elephant noise, i would spell it kinda like someone blowwing their nose!! nnnhhhhhhhhherrrrrrrr. But once i have given it more thought i may come back.
My hubby say vvrrrrruuuuurrrrrr, which i quite like.
My 5 years old daughters elephant noise comes out as alot of spit!!!!!!!!
Great creations.

Kathy B.

Are you still auditioning elephant sounds? I think the variety of responses you've gotten already is great, but I love the little purse so much, I have to try, too: "BAAAROOOOOOOOOOOUUUGHHH!!" (I'm picturing Louis Armstrong w/ mute in trumpet here.)
I love your site, and I am enamored of your creativity! The little purses, the bears, the crocheted bee... well, everything is beautiful & has such lovely attention to detail! (OK! Enough drooling.) ;)

Ceu b.

Believe me, I really understand you. When I start beading I can't think about anything else, even work home. Bahhhh!

I love you work!

Sam Magic

They "bray". That's what I've always called it.



kasey m

I'm a big fan of the elephant purse considering that my favorite animal is an elephant.But I've been thinking. O.K. here goes think that an elephant sounds like this rrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaauuuuuuurrrrrrrr. ok i gave it my best shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


no joke, i literally spent like 30 mins trying to come up w/how the sound an elephant makes. my lips hurt. haha :]

but from wht i hear id have to say its a "PHHHMMMMMMFFFFFFF"

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