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Thanks for the instructions! Now I must go find my metric ruler.. ;-)


Can I have one of those, and a butterfly to wear as a brooch please? Ta very. Is that how you spell brooch? Browch (Devon accent)? Broiche? Branch? Whatever.


They are great - excellent tutorial. I'll have a go in the summer (ha ha) holidays.

Still no wine...


Imperial measurements now included ! Sorry Jan !!

Frances Atkinson

Thanks so much for the how pretty. They'd look great on a tote, too.

Frances Atkinson

Thanks so much for the how pretty. They'd look great on a tote, too.


thank you so much for the great 'how to'. i'm afraid we badgered you unmercifully for the instructions, but it was well worth it!! i'm off to make some blossoms!


Just found you through.... someone can't remember! I love this tutorial! I must try this now :D Thanks!!


Thanks for the tutorial, those flowers are beautiful! I've only recently found your blog and am really enjoying it!


Many thanks!!! The thread is flying around here now!


YAY! thanks so much for being so generous with this. i'm off to try one!


They are absolutely beautiful, I want to make some!


I found you blog from a link on Jenny B's site.

Cool flowers, I so need to buy some cute fabric to make some. :D


There is a moschino winter coat that looks like it has something like this on the lapel. I fancy doing one in winter fabrics.

Thank you for posting how to make these.


I can't wait to try these, thanks so much for posting the tutorial!

Naturallly Nice

These are lovely, thank you for that. Must try it. Alas, I don't have enought pretty fabric!


Julie daren

i need textile and fabric for my son and i will like to know if you can have this tutor for my son,pls email me back to [email protected] for more equiry about this tutor


These are so great. And will make wonderful Christmas presents. Thank you so much for sharing your secrets. I've made one of the other pins as well, the hessian and pulled fabric. I'll be posting a picture of it shortly on my blog along with a link so others can make these gifts as well. I love this site. Just one question. How do you attach the fastening? And what kind of fastening do you use? Sorry, but I'm only just learning!

: )


I like your flowers.



Thanks for the tutorial. I made one to put on a bag... It's blogged here. I posted it on too, I hope you don't mind... Thanks again!


thank u so much for the great tutorials..i got lots of ideas...


I just wanted to thank you for sharing this great tutorial and to let you know that my fabric flower turned out great. If you have a chance, here's the link to the relevant post: . I also used the very last strip to make a skirt for my flower fairy.

Thanks again. Bernie


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I always love finding new things to do with little bits of fabric. I love, love, love your blog!


very good thanks


Very cute thanks! Great project for those beginning sewing.

Bob Wheat

Great piece of art....

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Just wanted to say hellov


I love this design! I was inspired to make a fabric wreath--hope that is okay. It's blogged at


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cool, thanks

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These are just darling! Thanks so much for doing a tutorial.

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They'd look great on a tote, too.


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Wow Its very useful for us.I just wanted to thank you for sharing this interesting tutorial and to let you know that my fabric flower turned out great.

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home

These are lovely! Thanks for sharing how you made them.

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom

I'm trying this after school with my daughter today. Wish me luck :)


Nice job on the flower1 It's a really good idea!
I'm gonna give it a try!


Hi there, Molly chicken!!!!
I just thought I'd share wiht you that I made this very cute flower,a nd posted about it on my blog. It turne out OH so cute.

Thanks for sharing!!

This is the link:

Have a wonderful sunshiny weekend!!!!
:) Crystelle

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