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Ah, sweet! He made me smile.


Oooohh, is that a Peng Peng bear?!? I'm so jealous! Johnny is absolutely wonderful...


love! everything on your site always makes me smile. what a great place to come to!!


Charming bear with tons o' personality! Sounds like his namesake is a charmer, as well. And I love the background fabric, too! Thanks for the smile. :o)


I LOVE him!


Quite dapper!!


He's not a Peng Peng bear (I wish), I just stared at various Japanese bear artists work for many hours and then sort of fudged together a pattern.
I'm glad you like him.


Or is it the fact that he buys you doubles whenever you go to the pub with him?


He's dashing. Love your blog!


if that's your idea of fudging i'd love to see some of your mistakes ;)
he's so sweet!

laurie b.

i love him! and the fabric that he is sitting on is adorable too. :)


What a charmer! Love your work.


A person could get lost in blogville, I just keep wandering around and finding wonderful places to visit...yours really made me smile!


Goodness gracious, this is quite possibly the most wonderful little bear I've EVER seen. Happy to have discovered your blog!


Phoebe thought the question about Ruby Faunce's genealogy was a hoot. She really made up the name herself so is surprised to find her lady is part of a real aristocracy.


johnny? want to come visit me? :) i'm a good cook...(you are SO cute!)


Hi Lyn,

My monkey is coming along great, I've had such a fun time making her.
There is a photo of her over on my flickr page, I also posted it with
the month of softies group on flickr. I still have to finish her dress,
and then I think I'll soak her clothes in tea, and age her a bit. But
I'm still debating that because she looks so fresh and lively this way,
and I think I'm going to donate her to I
thought it would be a great idea if everyone donated their monkeys this
time around. I'm sure there's lots of kids out there that would just love
to snuggle them!

Love your blog, all the best.

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