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Unbelieveable! you're very talented.




that is the funniest thing ever!
and I know what you mean about seeing things and making them yourself!


eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! The egg bra made the wait all worth while. I can't believe the whole thing is only 2". I'm off to look at her site. (We are a lot of cat birds. We steal from each other while giving each other the nicest compliments, then we post someone else's work on our site, which attracts people to our site, and at the same time sending them on to someone else's site. Dante left out a level for crafters.)


that little chicken is just fabulous, love it...if ever there was a project to leave til the last minute the sock monkey is it (unless of course you are planning to dress it in a hand sequinned dress or something...)have fun!


That is just the funniest thing I have ever seen!!


You'd be staring intently over MY shoulder at craft shows. I do the same thing and I am not ashamed of it. In fact I have been known to bring little sketch pads to jot down ideas or note what is selling.

Knowing that I do this I have begun to work on craft kits to sell to those who want to get more out of their purchases. I also notice that most parents, although they may not buy anything, will give their kids $5 - $10 to spend but few vendors cater to children. Kids craft and toy kits would be a killer idea I think. I'll be trying that idea out this fall.

I love Monster Crochet and I am so smitten with your chicken. If I had the where-with-all I'd be sporting a fried egg bikini at the beach! Hmmmm. Would the bottoms be toast or bacon?


I'm the same way with craft, actually with art too. I've always loved how you go to some show or see someone's stuff and are inspired to do something like it and inevitably it will still end up your own version. I'm a little better about buying cool handmade stuff than I am about going to places like Urban Outfitters where I go never to buy anything but to look at all the stuff I'll just go home and make myself for a fraction of the price.

You're right though more people ought to cater to kids, after all they'r the ones who will buy stuff instead of looking and figuring out how to copy it when they get home :)

The fried egg bra is just too priceless.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Glad you like your chickadee! I have fun making these girls...


I am staring intently at your work and rushing home~ Thanks! (=^.^=)


its genius, funny , colorfull!!!!!!


ho ho funny

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