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ha!! holy mackeral i cant believe she said that!!!!!!!
what a wierdo.
in MY humble opinion ( obviously) art should be only about fun happiness cute stuiff and laughing!
good for you for leaving it, i love your page and the duck!
and i am amazed you got your book so fast! cant wait to see the materpieces molly makes!


Best thing to do. I did the same here when I was on an LEA embroidery course a few years ago and the tutor said of me 'there's one in every class, isn't there?' I was only doing what I was told (but it was a pile of crap and I might not have been grovelling enough...)


Good for you for telling that woman what you think. Ick!

And I LOVE your justification for getting through chores! I might need to try that!


*Filled her with dismay* funny. Obviously you made the right choice, and lucky you even were able to get a refund!
Your sketchbook page is charming.


Chortle. I needed that. Just had to contend with the child having the screaming ab-dabs for an hour. Was feeling mighty frazzled. Now more cheery. Perhaps that also has something to do with the glass of wine......


I taught art for many years and I have to say that there are too many art profs out there who have a similar attitude. It's terrible to have a teacher who stunts creativity instead of inspiring it.


Your sketches and ideas page is wonderful, Lyn! If Ms. Poopyhead was dismayed by it, it was because she glimpsed greatness and was shamed! How do icky people like that get teaching jobs anyway?

ps - I got a Juju necklace, too!!! What excellent taste we have! ;o)


Oh no, what a bag! I think your page looks delightfully interesting. =) I start art classes tonight and I'm hoping they are about experimenting and having fun - anything that sounds like work to me is instantly boring.


well. that "art woman" was obviously intimidated by what she saw! which was totally orignial and happy, something she may have not been. (: great job for getting out of there as soon as you saw her for what she was!


the old bat needed a dose of Jeff Koons!

juju vail

I'm sure you are in good company. I completed a Textile MA that involved 3 years of this kind of encouragement.
And then, four years ago, I showed up for my first day of an illustration MA and then thought what the &"!*^ am I doing? Why would I want to go through this again. I also got a refund.

Kathy B.

That is so sad that the instructor said that to you! You know, those people who draw a huge distinction between "ART" (with capital "A")from "crafts" really get on my nerves. I would love to be able to put together such a beautiful collection of ideas like you did. Obviously, her comment speaks volumes about her own Issues (w/ capital "I")! ;)

Susan Kelly

What a bit*ch. Obviously she has never heared "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". You go, girl!

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