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That looks just lovely! Enjoy lounging in the sun.


Hot too here in Hitchin. Sadly no cocktails for me, just a cold Fosters. Ahhhh (burp). Scarf v. pretty. I have never really got into wearing scarves (except wooly ones in winter) - not sure why - perhaps I'll try - but in this weather I'd fry - and then cry - am I high? - perhaps I'll die.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Mojitos on a hot summer day are the best! Enjoy!!!


Your scarf is very lovely. I especially like the beads. It's about 90 degrees here now...and I'm sipping lemonade in the shade.


Oooooooh! Lovely cool summery image, I love the scarf and the pebbles wrapped in twine.


Good idea for the summer scarf, I'm going to make some this weekend with some Amy Butler fabric that I've been looking at and wondering what to do with. Thanks for the tip!


That's a great project, can't wait to try it!

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