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love it. I am doing laundry today, so I know all about boring!


Why not get the children to do the decorating while you make more of those wonderful fabric pictures? I'm paying Thomas to paint the garage doors this holiday - but I appreciate that I don't have to live with the results indoors!

(Thomas has just wandered in and said that the chicken in your banner is 'cool'. How about that for a comment from a 12 year old on his way to rugby practice?)


I love, love, LOVE that little piece! That is exactly what I've been playing with recently, loose folky little assemblages. (But not yet sharing...)
Re: the paint prep? Ugh.. Stripping is the WORST. My sympathies.


WOW I love it, totally love it, just gorgeous!

Jenny Vorwaller

whoa!!! i love this~recycled art is becoming somewhat of an obsession for me lately, so im so glad that i saw this~it's gorgeous! :)

p.s. does listening to music help you get through the boring? i find the time passes more quickly that way...


That little blanket is gorgeous - I'm taken with the bright colours, I love anything bold and brilliant, and the embroidery is beautiful.

I know what you mean about preparing walls for painting - we did our whole house a while ago and it damn near killed me, especially after my little radio headset ran out of puff - I was bored stupid. But it's so worth it in the end, and your arms get toned too!


beautiful work on the chicken blanket peice AND the fancy purse below. Your work and wit is so inspiring!


Lynn you are a scandalously lazy slattern of a woman, and I see no reason why you shouldn't be down on your knees every day (steady), stripping and sanding the floorboards followed by a healthy session of reorganising the layout of your garden. Much love, Lee x


Sorry about the tedious painting - I know exactly what you mean... we had to do all that to our entire house when we bought it 3 years ago - ugh! I love the little piece! I can't wait to hear more about it...


I love painting! If I didn't live on the other side of the ocean I'd head over there right now and pitch in. What color are you going to paint? Any other projects involved? Window treatments? Cushions?

Maybe you could get those Changing Rooms people in?

ps - sorry you Brits are going through more scary stuff... grrrrrrrr


Oh yes deeply involved in THAT borrrring stuff here too. I try to look at it as a creative process though like everything else and try to just have fun and not get too serious about it. It's a great way to get hubby to take you out to dinner...just look at all the money you're saving HIM! (wink) Love that quilt by the way, it's just gorgeous!!

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Gorgeous piece!

I am right there with you regarding renovation. We are doing the same thing now. One word: TEDIOUS.

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