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Cor. She is ace. You are one clever do-da. Not sure I'd want to be rammed up Billy's bum though. I can imagine the shreeks.

K x


Mary is very lovely and clearly far too well-bred to complain about ill-use, but one day she might just bite the bottom that is in front of her.


Wow! that's really cool! wish I had that when I was a kid, the only one we had was my brothers and that was plastic, typical 80's stuff! :p


Beautiful mane and such a pretty bridle. And an effective jousting weapon against those pesky siblings. Ride on, Molly.


She's lovely! I particularly like her mane and the little flower in her hair, how sweet!


Giddy up Mary! She is so cool! I saw a class somewhere for making a hobby horse but i think my little one is a bit too young for one just yet. Maybe soon.


Well Lyn, what a spectacular horse! My son had one given to him as a bub which he renamed Biscuit (as in Sea Biscuit) and it now needs a visit to the toy-vet for some inards replacement... You are sooo talented, bet your kids are having a ball!


I love Mary's hair! I want that colour hair...seriously. Giddyup.


Oh, it's beautiful...any child would love to own it. You are so clever! And I missed baby monkey somehow - what an absolute cutiepie.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Wonderful Lyn! I've been toying around with making a hobby horse for-ever. I love yours. I may have to try a Monster Crochet version. Could be scary-lookin' though. LOL

planeta hilda

nice huggable horse!

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