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I love the tea cozy and the "raindrop" mobile-such cute ideas! *sigh* I love Japanese craftsters.......


cache cache cou cou! I love it. I love the cloud and raindrops too. And I never would have thought to bead the string! Wonderful ideas! Thanks Lyn!

laurie b.

So many great ideas... I love the owl and elephant and I would love to see that tea cosy made into a small tote.


thank you for sharing your book, the little pictures are so cute and give me BIG making a mobile maybe?


ooh, that books looks so sweet. i love the raindrops/cloud one. i may have to try one too!


Oh, what an adorable book! Thanks for the ISBN!


Wow.. I got this book last week.. and made lots of raindrops last night - and then i woke up and googled 'Fabric Raindrops' and you came up Ms Molly Chicken! I am making this on a grand scale for our shop window - we will have the walls papered with weather maps.. and a very big blue jumbo cord cloud.. then lots of little raindrops made for vintage 70s psychadelic fabric... and perhaps some little cocktail umbrellas too.. just to complete the rainy whimsy theme! Did you make one in the end? A mobile I mean?!

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