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Why, thank you Lyn!

I love Bruce. It still amuses me that my father was called Bruce and my Mum is Sheila. You'll have to make your Bruce his very own Sheila.


Jane hasn't read the doggies name wrong. Butch was called Bruce, but then I remembered Bruce is the name of my previous boyfriend.
Needless to say I quickly changed it before my Dearest Husband comes home.
Whoops !


I love Butch, too.

Actually, my middle name is Kylie. (No, not really - I haven't got the bum for it.)


I agree. Like the metaphor about walking and chewing gum at the same time, it seems like it would be impossible to concentrate on being sexy and at the same time not take yourself seriously. It would for me at least.

Poor Butch, lasso-ed his own ear. Not a skilled cowpoke, but he is very very cute! Your toys are always so cute!


Butch...Bruce (too funny!)...whoever he is, he's adorable. ;)

And I'm 100% with you on the blog writing thing--it never becomes clear to me.


Just know that I love reading everything you write. The sexiest people alive are the ones that don't take themselves seriously. sex appeal just naturally oozes out of 'em because they are who they are, take it or leave it! So go that route!
Butch is too cute.

Jenny Vorwaller

butch! you are so darling! hee hee watch that lasso my dear! you might end up in the softie bin!


He's darling! and I have no avice on the sexy/serious thing...whats that say about me?


I just love Butch. Especially that he has lassoed his own ear.


wonderful little guy. we call my brother butch...


I love butch! He's so cute.


Butch is too cool for words!! Cuuute! I feel the same about my blogging too.

Kathy B.

I am so excited that you will be contributing Butch's pattern for the new online sewing magazine! Now I can't wait for October!
P.S. Please tell Butch to watch out for that wild & untamed left ear, too-- you never know what those ears would do if you let your guard down! ;)


Well, if sexy is the goal then I'm in a heap o'trouble! Butch (Bruce) is awesome... now that he's lassoed his ear, he'd better be careful not to bite that tongue!


Butch is great!


I just write whatever comes off the top of my head. When I read through my blog at a later date I always find typos and really bad spelling mistakes and I cringe internally - oh well, aren't journals supposed to be about warts and all? Butch is damn awesome! Can't wait for that pattern. =)


Love Butch! What he lacks in smarts, he certainly appears to have made up for in character!


Adorable! This made me smile, I love his lasso!


Yeeehhhaawww!! Butch is cute and tough looking too in a cowboy kinda way! I always worry about spelling and coherence in my blog too which is understandable as I jibber in a made up words kinda way!

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Butch is brilliant!


he is lovely! and the free pattern project sounds like a lot of fun.

i sent you an email a few days ago, regarding your little purses, did you recieve it?



hi, love your doll!

big ear village welcomes creative people like you to come join our monthly discussions! we like use art and design as a tool to think of new ways to communicate with different targets every month!! come visit us at

thank you!


I think there's sufficient sex on the internet already, thank you very much. (Or am I the only one getting V1aGra spam and message purportedly from college girls who want to meet me?) Just keep doing what you're doing. Where else could I hope to find someone like Butch? :-)


Oh, is there a shortage of sex on the internet? Am I the only one getting V1aGra spam and voluminous e-mail purportedly from college girls who want to meet me?) Just keep doing what you're doing. It is delicious! Where else could I hope to find someone like Butch?


OK I just read the 10 tips....well, I tried... then just scanned them...he sure has a lot to say on the subject doesn't he...i never realized there was a protcol to blogging...sheesh! this guy needs to get a life! Seriously, he sounds like a peeper to me. Hey---NO peeking at my sexy self! ha ha whatever THAT is. internet peeping tom..i'm kidding, but not really if you consider that it IS the WWW. So...I don't have all that much to say at times either. I actually enjoy the less serious blogs...and I love "Butch"---he's adorable!!


I think we all have the same problem every now and than. I also would love to be able to write funny stories like Jane, but to be honest for me it's already difficult to write in English since it's not my mothertonque, so I guess I simply stick by reading them instead ;0)

And Butch just is such an adorable creature and even if he's not the brightest boy I'm sure he's the most lovable one in the barn...


Hello, just looked at the 10 tips. Seemed like more than 10. I read some of them and bookmarked it so I can go back to them.
Interesting list.
I mostly just write about what's happening in my life. And I go back and correct posts all the time(grammar, spelling, typos). I'm a little anal but I'm ok with that. I think as long as you are ok with what you've done, then that's the important thing. Like your site, Butch is cute.


LOVE Butch!!!! Can't wait for the pattern!!!!!!!!! Thanks! Rose


Crafts+Sexy=Oxymoron. Unless you're crocheting frilly underpants...and even then crocheting+frilly underpants=giant wedgy and giant wedgy=unsexy seat picking.
Being yourself on the other hand is fantastic. I love your writing skills just as they are and I REALLY love your adorable softies. Thanks for the purse pattern as well!


sandra lamb

Lyn, I love your work so much, and thankyou for your comments to our granddaughter, we just cannot get enough of her.



It's the early hours of the morning, too much on my mind, so I;m whiling away the time before dawn browsing your wonderful photos.
Was the pattern for 'Butch' ever posted - the link in the original blog doesn't work!


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