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Wow, you blogged about ME! I feel famous. Mustn't let it go to my head. Maybe for just a second.... It is true about the thread. I am a bad person. I shall repent.


aaah, to have a sister! great tiny teddy.

monica calvo

OOHhhh I love it!!!! It is so so soooo beautiful!!!!!


Thank you Lyn and Kay, the music video brought a much needed smile to this ol mug o mine....driving around in his JCB...Oh lucky Harvey, can't get into Hogwarts yet, tiny Ted and Ernie ought to take the sting out a bit.


I think I'm actually crying with happiness! That is the most amazing website, I can't wait until my 5 year old wakes up to show him, everything about it, the animation, the music, the sentiment...must stop gushing...Thankyou!
Your tiny bear is beautiful, and as for the sewing gene missing a sibling, you must have got her share too! (I have been told a story by one of the RN's at work that she has hemmed her nylon curtains with sandwich ties, you know the white ones with the wire in the middle? So, at least your sis has thread in the house!)


That bear picnic set is amazing. Just amazing. I want one.


Exquisite. I don't know how you do it. You have a great gift.

Aren't sisters terrific? I love mine, high maintenance pains in the next though they can be.


Pains in the neck.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Gorgeous little bears. I love them!


Wow! I'm glad I stumbled across your site. Everything is darling- you're very talented. I'm inspired to do more crafting.

laura r.

love, love, love!!!
i think ceativity is the highest form of intelligence, but i don't have a sister.


Again, too much cute! You really must ration these posts so that I don't become overwhelmed!

Eliane Conde

It's beautiful!! I love little bear...


The little bear picnic set is absolutely darling. you're ever so clever! I've been ready your blog just a week or so, but I'm bowled over by the cuteness of your creations! <3


I love your little set! So cute and anano!

laurie b.

Oh how sweet. Good sister and auntie!


Hello! What an amazing little presentation of cuteness.

My sis is quite crafty (she has way more thread than me), and I love sharing that interest with her, but, truly, it's our sense of humor (and our shared history) that brings us together and makes our relationship so strong. I wouldn't trade my ability to give her a sideways glance and have her totally GET my meaning for anything.

:o) Crissy

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! The cuteness! The detail! Fabulous!

amy k.

wow-wow! amazing! and the box! everything, all the details, so wonderful.


What a sweet bee! and it matches my new bee socks perfectly. You can just tell it's summer when even the blogs fill with bees :)
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, too! I must remember to add you to the "blogs I read" list. I've been a regular for quite a while now...


Love the bears! Love the bee! Just wanted to echo the other comments already - simply brilliant. :)


That is so sweet - the little bee is such a lovely touch. The details make your work so loveable.


Ack! Box-O-Picnicing bears! Tooooo cute. Thank you so much for posting the link to the JCB song. It was a great way to start out my day. Keep on creating!

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