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Husbands and kids have a way of slowing down creativity don't they? But we love 'em all the same...hope you find some time to play!


Wow, did I really send you that?! It looks so much better in your photo! Glad you like dahling, anytime. And you are so right about Juju's paintings. Do you think we can convince her to make prints? Ok, we're waiting for the big reveal of the hobbie horse, lucky Molly. And maybe some photos of your sitting room?! Hugs...

Dawn Mason

I've been checking your blog regularly and I can only say GRRREAT!!!!
Keep up the good work.


WOW! look at that fabric, you're a very lucky girl.

laura r.

oh wow.
that fabric makes me swoon.




That fabric is amazing! Wow! Can't wait to see the hobby horse! Have fun decorating ( not sure if fun is the right word )


Alice is delighted with your comment - thanks. And Phoebe isn't hiding anything - she'd just set up when I took the photo and then did a lovely watercolour of flowers which she sent to Nana fro her birthday.

Simon loves your comments - particularly about your husband's total lack of inhibition (Simon had to have a back tooth out last week and tortured us all trying to show us the hole - I wouldn't be smiling for months) and the fact that you're quite happy to feed him cake that's been on the floor. I think he now knows where his has been sometimes.

We are four weeks into eight and a half weeks of school holidays. So now I need a holiday.


what wonderful fabrics! I can't wait to see what you make with them!!!

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