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A mere 1,524 books - I'll whizz through those in no time, fill my basket with a few hundred of them, then faint at the amount in yen. A happy evening's browsing in store...


thanks for the great link and the info...will check it out. i'm finding a lot of great ideas in these books.


and just when i thought i might actually be close to deciding on which particular japanese craft book to purchase!
maybe the camera lead decided to go overseas with piggy and tiny piggy...


Isn't it amazing how things like that just dissapear? Then turn up in the most bizarre places. I'm sure you'll find it when you've stopped looking! I don't dare go look at yesasia, it's far too dangerous.


It's annoying when things just go missing. My Mum always said, "say a little prayer to St. Anthony"...give it for me and I'm only 1% catholic, but don't think St A minds at all.


I just came across your work at flickr, I wanted to let you know how great it was, I loved it all!


Thanks for the link. I must say - for the sake of my credit card - I am a little afraid to click on it! Hope your camera lead turns up soon!


dad's probably sold it on ebay lyn you know...


Hello, I've just found your blog. Your puppy purses are so sweet I want to eat them! :) Sure, they are lovely. Some time ago I made a mini zip purse with 4 legs and two eyes and a mouth, preteting it was a dog or so, but it came out a little depressing, so I abandoned it :D Nothing to compare to, but seeing yours made me want to retry at it, thanks!
ciao from Italy, I'll come back to visit

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