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Awww! So sweet!


Oh how cute! How sweet!!! I love the tiny monkey detail on his blankie. How big is he?


I expect to see his name in The Times' births announcements later this week. He's really wonderful - you could make a (small) fortune selling more like him.


Thanks for the e-mail.
I am just sick in love with your stuff! It is all so cute! Do you sell these somewhere? They are just too cute for words!


adorable. what a great idea!

really adorable.


I agree with Rebecca above - absolutely sick in love - especially with that cutie monkey! I'm so glad I found your blog the other day!

robin b.

I 'second' all of the other comments. Too freaking cute!!!!!! :)


Oh. my. gosh. I LOOOOOOVE your monkey!!!!! Beautiful work!

Jenny Vorwaller

oh mollychicken. you have done it again1 something soooo adorable, original and just super cutable!! look at the diaper! the blankie! sooo cute!


awwwwwwwww! Count me among the many who are so happy to have found your blog recently! I've already gone through all the archives and it's already a daily read!


you ooze talent! can you send some my way?! i too just discovered your blog and love your creations.


Aahhhh bless! Shhhhh don't wake him, ahhh he's lovely.


this is beautiful. very nice work.


that is so cute!
am i repeating myself here??


this is just so so darling, love it!


this is just so so darling, love it!

Amanda in GA


Happy Birthday sweet little monkey! He is so cute. Thanks for sharing your talents with us I am really loving all the mini's you are doing.

Can I buy a baby sock monkey? I really need to have one. My mom calls me her little monkey cause when I was born ( oh so long ago ) I was a premi and looked like to a little monekey. I know way to much info. sorry



*Jenny posted a link to your site a while back and I have to just tell you I'm so grateful she did. I just love your style and creations! Your monkey is to die for...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.


speechless. sigh.


That is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! So cuddly looking and just SWEET. My daughter would love this little one!


Awwwww! What a sweetie. Have you chosen a name?

laura r.

that is too much!!


You are killing me over here! You are definately on a roll!!
Kudos to you!


AWWWWWWWWW that is so cute! It looks so lovely and cosy and adorable. Why are some people so talented?? ;)


I agree with everyone else! I love that baby monkey is holding a teeny and equally cute blankie, too. Gorgeous once again, you're amazing!


Oh my goodness, that is just about the cutest thing I think I have ever seen! so so so beautiful and just adorable, I love him (I could gush some more but I will exercise some self control!)


Ok, you're killing us all with cuteness! Please promise that your next project will be ugly!




This is high-level *CUTE*...i want to kiss and smell his head!


This little guy brought a tear to my eye - is there anything cuter than a newborn monkey?


aawww that's the cutest sock monkey I've ever seen!!

Débora Figueiredo

Beautiful and so cute :)


i really thought that i didn't like sock monkeys until i saw yours...absolutely adorable!


now this is original! very much loved little monkey! lucky little guy (assuming boy 'cause of the blue).


Eek! super cute! -t

laurie b.

Have mercy!
Another amazing creation -- how do you do it? I so want that baby sock monkey!


Are you taking orders? Wow! Fingers do your stuff!


Guess you've really got enought praise for that monkey already? Na, you can never get enough: I adore her! SOoooo cute! First softie that really wakes the mothering stuff in me! ;-)

Take care!


I'm wondering if you are taking orders as well, as I would love to get one.
Absolutely adorable!


When looking at my boy's socks, I had a (vague) thought that I may try a baby-monkey. But when I saw yours, I was truly amazed by the result! It's the cutest little monkey in the world! And your hands have a magic touch.
BRAVO! (er... I will have my third baby in december... If you wish to make give him/her a birth present, I have no objections!! ;-) )


That is the sweetest baby sock monkey I have ever laid eyes on! I love that he is a thumbsucker too. So CUTE!



I love this creation ! How do you do it ?
I will have a boy in few months and I would like to make a doudou for him but I'm beginner...

Jennifer Gentile

Do you sell these?? I'd love to buy one done in pink. I have a really good friend who is having a baby girl and her whole room is going to be decorated in sock monkeys.


cheer bows

So cute... That would be a great gift for my sister's baby.

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