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juju vail

Wow, I love that orange sweater!


Lyn--thanks so much for sharing this one! Beautiful stuff!! I love the elephant on the dress!!


I LOVE the slippers. My husband saw the bee in your last post and said it was 'amazing'!


I love the little purses! Can't wait to see your MOS softie!

lisa s

oh boy... too cute... tempted to type in my browser....


Oh my! I have seen the cover of this-but the inside is too cute to handle. My word-the elephant is amazing. By the way, I wanted to tell you that your bear was marvelous and you definitley have a wonderful talent for sewing on a small scale. :)


I have actually purchased a Zakka Handmade book from Yesasia, because I am loving these books that you post about. this one is gorgeous, but what will you make first?


great projects, and such sweet, simple images. i am partial to the little dog profile on the little blue purse. and the bear on the orange jumper is so cute!!!

Débora Figueiredo

I love the elephant in the blue dress, it´s so cute and delicate.


how can it be so never ending! the japanese lovliness keeps on going .
thats a fabulous book.


Oooh! I have this one, too. The drawings introducing the sections are just as good as the projects! I especially like the "winter" page.


Will they ever STOP making books that we just MUST buy?


Lovely images - thanks for sharing!


Hi Lyn,

My copy arrived today! I love it. Doesn't look to tricky - if I can master a few of those stitches. Time will tell.



Can you help me to figure out how to purchase this book? I tried entering the ISBN on and and, to no avail. It comes up on, but I can't get the information to show up in English, so I can't see how much it costs. How did you procure your copy? It is such an adorable book! (the Piu Sudo one).

Many Thanks,

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