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eeeeeeeeeee!!!! Give Billy a massive hug for me! Emailing you right now! Thank you so much!!!


Oooooo, I would love to do a softie swaps. Hey, congrats to Bertha & Hilary! Great elephant sounds! Cute competition.


Just wanted to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN!
Keep blogging and making your great creations.

Kay, Davin and Harvey xxx


It was your birthday?
Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (that deserves capital letters)
I love these purses, but my makings are not up to the standard of "swapable" status just yet, so I'll watch from afar, but what a great idea.


I would love to be in on a swap! and happy b-day. it seems like there are so many this month, I love it!!


oooh, softie swap sounds good.


These purses are sooo adorable...I popped over here last week but can't remember now if i said hi and WOW! So hi...I know you said they were time consuming but gee i really hope you make some more for swapping...count me in.


I'll swap! Woohoo!!!


hey! we won, sweet! I love that blue prrruumphing elephant :) I'll email ya.


Ah yes, the joys of summer holiday computer overcrowding.

Thanks so much for the great comment about Delphine. Simon keep saying the same - so I really should see if anyone is interested.

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