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mmm perfect weather for it too, pendulous


Wow! How lucky that you get to see that more than once, I've never seen it and if I ever do it will probably be the only time in my life.

sandra lamb

I have seen it but forgot how beautiful it is!

laurie b.

Lovely photo! I hope you're having a good vacation. :)


How exciting...I've never seen it but would love to visit S'henge one day...even if I do get flashes of This Is Spinal Tap!


I agree with Fran I will definately be singing 'Stone Henge' by Spinal Tap. What an amazing thing to see. I live in Australia and have never seen anything like that. I have seen Aboriginal rock paintings and they were amazing though.


Lee, you are awesome. Welcome home Lyn.


Wow, I imagine that it would FEEL mystical too, does it? What a great photo!


I agree - we drive past it to visit The Other Knitter in the House's mother (and back again). And we always drive past slowly to enjoy the stones on the horizon.

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