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You are my hero! Tell the boys they can come and live here with Cam and Wayne, Brooke and I are moving in with you! Have a great weekend....

laura r.

i love this!
yurts are good too.


Ha, smart move!


ack! girls rule!


Tents? I'll bet you could find some cute prints for tents. And if not, there's always fabric paint, and don't forget tie-dye!


looks wonderful! we girls are outnumbered in this house...but we still have the upper hand.


Ah!! That looks like SO much fun!!


Oh, that is so awesome - every kid should be given free reign to draw on at least one wall! How much fun!


wow...molly should be a fabric designer that's so cute!

Joyce Buzzard

A while ago, a spirited struggle for control broke out between the fem fighters for feminity and the boy brigade in this playhouse. The traces of their ideological warfare are visable on its walls to this day.


Hee, hee, I Love that, Joyce. : )

Joyce Buzzard

You're most welcome to the yuk-yuks. I love a good chuckle myself.


oh i want to come over and play, too! what a fabulous haven for creative girl power!


Thrilling. Love it.


i'm sure they'd be happier in the tent in any case. boys are weird.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

I want to live in there! Wonderful!!


when are you selling them and how do i buy them i want 1 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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