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Frank is cute!


I'm running out of words for your wonderful little creatures. Clever! Cute! Charming!
(All of the above.)


Whaa!! I can't believe how cute he is!!! Is that fabric sort of stretchy? I once used one like that and it was very hard to handle, but felt so beautiful and soft. I am so in love with this elephant!


Love it!! I have a brother named Frank and we've always had this (pink) elephant joke between us. I'll have to check out the BEING FRANK links and send him a few. Your killing me with your cute stuff!!


frank is too stinkin the toweling! sorry to hear it was a pain to work with as i have a penguin waiting to be made from the stuff.

Kathy B.

Ahh, I love Frank. And he bears a suspicious resemblance to a certain fellow named Poorly Martin (love the trunks!). Is there any relation? :)
I'm sure that whomever Frank goes to live with will be thrilled to make his acquaintance.


very well endowed Frank. Love the hat.


I like frank a lot!
For fabric that is tricky to work with I like to use fusible webbing to iron on a firmer fabric backing(usually broadcloth). It makes the tricky fabric a lot more stable.


Oh Frank! You are simply fabulous! The most dapper elephant I've ever seen. :)


I made a monster that is made Frank once. It's a great name, and your elephant is really cool and cute too. Much cuter than my Frank, you should be really proud over him!


I'd like to come over and give Frank a big cuddle.


Another cutie to add to your wonderful menagerie!


I think Frank is the cutiest elephant everrrr!!!!


Love Frank. I haven't worked with towelling before and after you words of warning - probably won't!


Your characters are so adorable.

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Frank is incredibly sweet. I love him!


another amazing creation!


Nice to meet you Mr. Frank Elephant. Awesome job Lyn!!


Frank is too cute for words. I never thought towelling would be so hard to work with until I made a stuffed owl out of it! Caused me much stress...


It's my first time here and I fell in love with your little creatures. Very cute!

Donna Huffmaster

He is so cute! I just want to give him a hug :)

monica calvo

Ohhhhh he is so so so cute!!!!! I love him!!!

planeta hilda

wonderful work, as always!


Make Frank a girlfriend - he looks lonely x


I am especially fond of Frank's polka dot ears. TOO cute!


Is that a little smile under Frank's trunk? Adorable - he's the cutest heffalump I've ever seen.


Frank is quite charming! I love his little cap - he looks ready to be tucked in!


Always a pleasure to come over here. Hi Frank!


What a gorgeous little fella Frank is! I've sewed a softie with towelling once before, too... never again! I kept finding those wreched little flecks everywhere for days. Frank's cuteness, however, belies his frustrating beginnings!


Frank is so great!!!


wow it's so lovely!

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