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Yay! I am so glad it got there safely and that the kids liked the candy! Thank you so much again for everything, you're too sweet!


For goodness sake woman! I hope you don't end up looking like that!
Your bag looks great!


I adore your bag and I'm attracted to sparkleys like a crow, which I never was before (if it wasn't hemp, it just wasn't 'me'). Just call me debbie la rue.


Who wouldn't want to end up looking like Danny La Rue - he's totally wonderful. (He still does panto in Stockport - where I'm from - and we all love him.) I'm modelling myself more on Lily Savage these days - when she's in full sequin mode. How wonderful that we'll be able to recognise each other...

The bag is lovely. Your niece is very lucky.


I, too, am more and more drawn to the girly-looking things! :) Much to the chagrin of my mother, since when I was little I wouldn't wear a skirt to save my life.

Love the bag - beautiful detailing!


lovely bag and that hand dyed fleece is killing me.


LOVE the bag - personally I think it's a shame if a girl can't have a bit of sparkle and glitter in her life. More is more, as far as I'm concerned!


Ah! pez that would keep everyone happy. Gorgeous bag.


Its a natural thing to do - from punk to sequins. If S.Vicious was alive Im sure he'd be as glam.


I am from a long line of "sparka" (one of my daughter's first few words)-addicted women. It's in my genetics. I have tried to fight it but it is now catching up to me. Resistance is futile. I say give in to the higher power that is the SPARKA!


Oh my, I love the bag!! You can definately never have too much sparkly bits.


That was so funny. Thanks for the laughs. Love the girly bag, too.


MUAH, all that glitters is Faaaaaabulous darling. I'm rather jelouse of Mm. La Rue as I never look that good all tarted up. Instead I'm sure I'll look more like this

The bag on the other hand is Fantastic! Well done.


..actually I knew that bag reminded me of something. I'm reading Labyrinth by Kate Mosse at the moment and that design is on the book cover.


you did such a great job on the bag for your niece! i love the hand stitching design - i want to try sashiko too! i'm thinking of making the CD bag too (since i have the book)for dd - she doesn't have an i-pod.

sandra lamb

I love the bag and I am also into sparkle.


Why to go, dahlink!

juju vail

That'll be me any day now, with the lipstick smeared all over my face and teeth.


Oh yes...........sparkly and glittery please!!! I am sure there wasn't so much around before (when I was inmy 20's)except for Ms La Rue!!! Must show a photo of two pairs of shoes I bought....warning sunglasses may be needed!!

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