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Thanks for the inspiration... I'll have to get a mirror like that.


From what I know about picasso, he was just not a very nice person and treated everyone (not just women) like doormats.

The comment is absolutely true though, you have to have self respect before anyone will treat you with respect.

I'll have to check that book out.


I think my new mantra could and should be: " I must be more assertive" Repeat to oneself!!


Ditto...thanks for the's easy to forget about the important things, us, when everyday life keeps rolling over. I am Goddess hear me roar!


Athena Chicken doesn't have the same ring does it.

Joyce Buzzard

I know Picasso was a gigantic ass. If he was my next door neighbour, I'd take up a noisy new hobby like doing circles around my house with my husband's 670cc Skidoo. That, and autobody... already got a 5 hp air compressor and an arc welder in the garage. Suck on that Pablo.

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