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juju vail

Good luck Lyn. Nice job on the crochet. How old are your kids? Does it ever get any easier? Do you fantasize about ditching the family and living in a small shack full of art and craft supplies? Or is that just my dream?


weird! too for crotchet learning this week. Not as adventurous as you though. Will have to get that book!


beautiful, I have no idea how to crochet, but I would love to learn just to do amigurini (I am sure I bombed on the spelling) So you learned how to crochet, did it beautifully and still were able to manage everyday life...simply amazing! wow!


Your bear is so cute, Lyn, I love the colors! There's nothing like camping in the early fall, have fun!


Wow, what a great job you did with your personal challenge! He came out adorable! I love his jaunty little hat and scarf combo!


ho ho, you're GOOD. So what's the little chap's name?
You gotta do the guy with the frog hat next.
I'm wishing you and your caravan a great trip! We'll take that rain over here to put out the fires--there is fallen ash all over everything over here.


very impressive!


When I was in Beijing this past June I was approached by some women who hung out in this park crocheting little animals....your little bear reminded me of that. For a pic go to: . They didn' thave nifty berets on their crochet animals though.

Jenny Vorwaller

aweome! a friend just sent me that ery book and i was amazed at the detailed instructions, so excited to give it a try! :) yours is darling!!


it's lovely - great job!


He's a cutie, congrats on learning something new! Have a great weekend :D

lisa s

oh so cute! isn't it funny how that is about crochet patterns? it's cause the japenese ones provide good pictures!! who can understand 2dch in same chst ??

good luck!! [w/ rain and cornwall and whatever else!]


I am very impressed. I was thinking of befriending a little old lady with lots of time to teach me how to crochet!

Débora Figueiredo

He´s lovely :)


Love the bear. One of my pals has fallen in love with your work. She made me get everything you have ever made me together to show her today. Her response was "I hope you know how lucky you are". I do. Love your work, and LOVE you. Have a great weekend.

Kay x


Love the bear and his little beret! Although I have very little crochet experience, I find the Japanese patterns a lot easier to read too.


Wow! I am so impressed.


So cute! You did very well! I haven't finished my personal challenge yet ( maybe I haven't actually started). I agree no craft is anywhere near as hard as getting children organised. Don't I know that!

Niina Aoki

Wow and that's your first time?!? I was going to buy that book from yesasia but they had to cancel cos it wasn't in stock! But I did buy a different amigurumi book so hopefully I will be able to master it as easily as you did!


He is wonderful Lyn! Your charming little characters always have so much personality! Well done you!


Ooh - I am impressed. For a first attempt (or any attempt) that is impressive. What's next!


Wow! And you did this on your first try? Amazing. He's very cute!


Hi! I LOVE that little guy! So were the crochet instructions in English? Or is it all visual? (You chose my two favorite colors!!)

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