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I love the chubby little penguin! Cute book! I wish I could find somewhere locally that had japanese craft books.


I must have this book! Why is it that Japanese stuffed animals seem so much cuter than the ones you see in other books? (That cat is amazing.)


Great book! I must make that chubby, lopsided penguin...too cute!


I only have two books in my collection and I had to get these shipped over - but this definitely makes me want more!


Stop!!! I must make that penguin right this moment.


That penguin makes my heart melt. You must have some library!!


Like others have said, that penguin is the cutest thing ever!


Oooo that Boston Terrier looks just like a co-worker's. Her name is Miss Jackson. I bet he would love to have one of these for the days he doesn't get to bring her into work.

Débora Figueiredo

This book is wonderful! I love the dog in the bath and the cute penguin:)


The penguin wins hands-down! Especially if one has seen THE MARCH OF THE PENGUINS...oh and the dogs are cute too...of course.


I love the penguin, my son would love it too, do you sell them?


Wow - we all love the penguin. His little slouch is exactly how I feel right now, and I just want to reach out and give him a great big hug! Perfect inspiration - thanks again!

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