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So much energy in that little piece of patchwork! (And great link.)


that is going to be one gorgeous wallet! great use of scraps!


Very inspiring, you have a great eye for fabrics and colors! I love TV projects like this :)

lisa s

i just quickly glanced at that link... uh wow! thanks for sharing! i plan on revisitng and spending quality time....


works really well together. Great link.


Really beautiful.I love the combinations.The link is great too.


I love all the mix of colors in your piece. Funny look into Harvey's life through the eyes of his mum. Great link - did you see those booties?!!


these are truly beautiful, i love those fabrics and the combinations


I love the colours and the little seed stitches. Pleased to hear someone else has a Coronation Street project. I'm quilting as I watch gobsmacked by Janice's foul mouth and Cilla's dreadful overacting and Gail's idiocy...


That's a stunner! Any plans to show us how you are going to magically transform it into a wallet!? Tutorial please!!


Oh I love, love , love those fabrics together - great job! :)


Me again Lyn! Found the pattern, many thanks! Big question now is where the heck do you find those fabrics!??? I've been through my stash today to make a purse and a tote and it's all so dull dull dull. I don't even buy printed fabric anymore as I dye my own, but even I would crawl through snow to buy some of that!! Do share! Thanks again.


Coronation Street - another brit I presume! *wave*

I LOVE that fabric, it is so drool-worthy! Alas, we have such awful fabric shops here in Bristol x_x



I like the idea great, and the result looks beautiful. I am thinking to add a picture from this post of yours on my blog( I have tons of fabric scraps that I'd like to use and make one like this in your post), but I think I'd first ask for your permission.

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