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Hiya Kevin! :)


He is absolutely adorable!


Must have been SOME weekend...


kevin is cute!


Aw, Kevin is a sweetie!


Did you have a good time? Did it rain much?! Glad you got time to craft in the caravan!


hello are too cute for words!

Jenny Vorwaller many things you could be feeling. startled, out of place, excited, seeing a ghost, or just yikes, that was a crazy weekend :)cuteness!


Fly Kevin, fly.... he's fab.


Hehehe, that made me laugh as my husband is called Kevin. He's cute!


Too funny! Kevin is cute. Love his glazed expression.

i Neat n Pearl

this is just too adorable!! ur site is so cute!! ^-^


Kevin, 'cheer up love, it might never happen!' (he is cute).


Kevin made me laugh out loud. What a cracker!


Hiya Kevin! I think I'm feeling the same... don't worry - things will get sorted out soon (I think!)!


Hola Kevin!! You made me laugh!! And that´s good!

Pajara Pinta

so cute! Kevin is such a funny name for him...

congratulations on your work! I love it!

Brother Kev

I have no idea whether to be flattered or upset. I protest! To some he may be cute but he's got weird eyes, is portly, has a large beak & hardly any hair......... Second thoughts I'm going to shut up now, may be it's all a bit too close to home. I'll settle for cute after all!

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Love him!


I totally understand where little Kevin is coming from!

monica calvo

Ohhh that birdie is so sweet!!!! Love it!!!

amy k.

hope you had fun (not so sure with that little's quy's expression!)
and you are a star! crocheting can't be THAT easy!


Now that is one little birdy with lots of character!
Love him!


wow your stuff if ADORABLE, i'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog! happy crafting!

natasha fialkov

so very cute! my goodness!

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