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Very funny though.Great purse.


The purse is wonderful! I am thrilled to be part of Carly's exhibition too, and was so excited to see your name on the list. I would love to get over there to see everything in person, but I don't think I will be able to. I love the baby girl sock monkey too! Everything you make is so fresh.


I, too, tend to use humor when writing anything about myself. I say, use it, because that is who you truly are. (ahh... my philosophy of the day)


You could explain what it is made out of--canvas, felt, embroidery floss, etc. How does it clasp? What is it lined with? What are its dimensions? Can you put a check book in there or just some credit cards and a compact?

It's wonderful, though!!!

Pajara Pinta

why is always so hard to write about ourselves???

I appreciate your visits and comments!!!

thanks and take care!!!

PS. cute bag.. recycling is the name of the game!


Oooh, the sewing is difficult for me, but the writing comes easy. I could help!
(Change these details where they are incorrect)

This handcrafted one-of-a-kind clutch was created by local artist Molly Chicken. Using recycled textiles, Ms. Chicken used imagery from a spring flower garden for her embroidered inspiration. The clutch measures X by X and costs $XX.

lisa s

congrats! how exciting!

i agree wiht the above comment.... and also the one about humor. it's impossibly hard to talk about yourself in the 3rd person. ugh!

but it's for a good thing... i know you'll get it done!
will you show us what you are going to exhibit??


The purse is beautiful, as are all your creations and I sort of love the title too! You have a wonderful writing voice, I always enjoy reading your blog as well as looking at your work.


Never apologize for being yourself. Your humor is what makes you wonderfully you.
I would buy that bag from this old bag!

But a little elaborating wouldn't hurt!
by the way, you can't be that much of an old bag---can you?


OOOOh fabulous bag... I covet!! I love the colors, the stitching, the bag!!!!

How about...
Lynn Roberts, an artist from (insert your town here), has been working in textile and fiber arts for the past (insert #) years, in between raising her children and not once has she sewn them to the couch, although she may have been sorely tempted. Ms. Roberts earned her (educational credentials here) from ( institution here). This clutch is available for sale (insert price)


Oh my, that bag is adorable! Love the fabric, colors and stitching details - please tell us a little more about it! I find it extremely difficult to write about myself, I tend to fall back on a bullet list, but you've gotten some great ideas here. I wouldn't worry too much anyway, I always enjoy your writing voice - it's what makes you, you!

KiWi know you want it. Love Lynn


Lovely bag, very autumnal! I too am really bad at writng about myself ( even worse at speaking about meself! ) as the about me bit on my blog is evidence! What is the exhibiton? I'm intruiged!


Fabulous bag, Lyn. (As usual!) Everyone's beaten me to it with witty remarks, but you know you always do just fine! Well done on your exhibition - don't forget to tell us when it is. By the way, the respondant above has a point, it might be nice to give sizes or an object in the pics for scale. (Indeed, a credit card or a lippy....)


I love that purse! It cheers me up on this rainy morning. I am excited about Carly's exhibition too. It took me forever to write something up and I still wasn't happy with it.


Small clutch made from natural fibres. With hand embroided wool felt and lined in contrasting... I nearly missed made by an old bag. I thought it was made FROM an old bag. You are funny.


I'm really terrible at writing stuff about myself too. Maybe you could get someone to write 'about' you?
Beautiful clutch BTW.


I had no idea what to write, either - everything ended up sounding so flat. Sure you will inject your submission with your usual humour and life. Beautiful clutch bag, the embroidery is gorgeous!


just before i read this, I was reading this:

...maybe that will help?


oh beauty beauty!! Love the embroidery - it's just gorgeous!


everyone else has already offered wonderful suggestions (vintage, recycled, handcrafted), though i really like i can just say how lovely it is!


Just print off this page with all these great comments and everyone will be clamouring for your bags. Then you'll be rich enough to employ a copywriter to write your blurb.


Oh Lyn - the flowers on this clutch are so delicate. I think you have the best blanket stitch around! And I say write whatever you want, funny is ALWAYS better!

Good luck with the exhibition!


the bag is wonderful -


writing about yourself is the toughest thing ever...I always ask my friends for a few things they notice about me and then use what seems to come up the most.
the bag is lovely!


love love love the bag! you've done it again!


How about something like: Although I am not a painter, I think that the reductive quality of the spatial relationships verges on codifying the substructure of critical thinking.
Art Speak gerator helped me do it!
Baffle them, you are an artist not a writer.

sandra lamb

I love your clutch bag and your patch work on the table and your pink sock monkey.....well I just love everything you do and especially your sense of humour.


linda, wonderful

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