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The title is wonderful. I would probably buy it just for that if it weren't for the review, so thanks! I really like that calendar, too. I think I'll have to try one of those...

lisa s

oh yay! you got it!! isn't it great!?!?! :)


I was wondering about this book. it does have a great title...odds and sods, I love that! I will have to try and find ways to fit that expression into some conversation I am having today...


Inspiring pics and lovely idea to use a quilt as a tablecloth.


Thanks for posting the photos. They're really nice, and it's good to know not to buy the book!


I have that book, and love it. Each image is so inspirational.


Are you addicted to Japanese craft books? Which has the best high, chocolate or craft books?


These pictures are lovely. So true, you want to get the most bang for your Japanese craft book buck, they're not cheap. Eating chocolate while looking at Japanese craft books, now THAT would be good living!

Missy K

I have the book, too. I only wish I could read it. I can figure everything out with the cute drawings and diagrams. I especially like the drawing of the fluff to stuff in pincoushions and the little arrow showing where to place it inside. haha.

what are the best Japanese craft books and where to get them? what about French ones?


Love your website. Since you love japanese craft books, guess you might like to get some inspiration from these websites too.
Have Fun!


The lovely lovely quilt was for MY newborn baby Rebecca and she LOVES it! Thank you so muchx

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