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what a great round of inspiration first think in the a.m!


Oh,oh Lyn. I'm going to have to disagree with you here (we don't see much of that on our cozy craft blogs, do we). I think that first link is too derivitive of Janet Bolton's work without being as sincere or nice.
I see a lot of people who make work like hers. Sometimes I'm not even sure if they're inspired by her or are inspired by all the other people who are inspired by her.


Good point Juju, I'd certainly agree that Janet's work is in a different league, but I don't mind other people's angle on it.
We will have to meet up in London, where we can continue this conversation over a bottle of wine. You will probably thrash me in a debate, but I bet I can drink you under the table.
The gloves are off. ; )
We could also tie in that shop-lifting trip to Oilily.


I am jealous of your kitty! She's so sweet.


You lucky thing! She's gorgeous.


I'd be quite happy to be moderator on the Linnie - Juju debate in London.
K x


Your new kitty is a cutie! Fionna does such wonderful work. Thanks for the links too :)


Jealous! Jealous! Jealous! Matilda is so pretty. Lucky you!


Lovely and cute. So sweet!

Sílvia Moldes

So beautifull!


yes my

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