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Your quilt (and little monkey) are so, so charming! Lucky recipients! Sorry to hear about your Molly. Hope she's feeling better least the weekend's here. (And you know what they say about the wine...It's 5:00pm somewhere!)
Thanks for the kind mention.


that baby monkey is sooooo dang cute! i'm just about to start a sock bunny to hang out with my sock monkey i did for my daughter and the MOS.

the quilt is lovely too. i really want to learn to quilt one of these years.

wait...wait...i DO hear the gentle popping of a wine cork!

hope your little girl feels better soon.


I can hear it. You go for it girl!


This is *the* sweetest thing ever. Adelaide is such a lucky wee one! :)


the pinks are beautiful together in the quilt and i love the embroidery


That quilt is beautiful, just perfect.
Now don't let me interupt yur "talk" with that which is calling your name, enjoy!


ohh the lttle monkey is beautiful :)


Oh Lyn! The monkey and the quilt are so beautiful! I really, really love the quilt. It is exactly what I love about your work. You put fabrics together in such a happy way!


your tiny monkey's are super unique! do you get your socks second-hand or new?


Oh! I love Maisy, too! I wish I had talent like Lucy Cousins. Or like you! Both of these creations are so wonderful, charming and cosy. The colors are adorable, and the embroidery is super! Hey, I'll join you in that glass of wine... *clink*


ps - hope Molly is right as rain very soon.


I think your quilt is lovely - as is everything you make!

p.s. i think i hear that bottle too ;)


What are you talking about!!?? Your quilt is AWESOME!! And the applique techniques! Wow! I would love to someday make a quilt like yours . . . :) How do you ever find the time?! :)

Joyce Buzzard

You've got the knack for putting complementary prints and colours together, very Oilily. As for 'spirited' murmurs, it's Cuba Libres for me.


That monkey is adorable--do you sell them?


That is the cutest little thing ever.


Hey, you sure have a way with socks! And Quilts!
By the way, I have a glass of wine in my hand as I type--cheers!
It is Saturday nite afterall--woohoo!


I'm new to your website and I want to say that I love your creations! I also enjoy your Flickr album.

Den gode feen

The most beutiful quilt I've ever seen! And the monkey is gorgeous!!! Have a nice day!!!


Hey Lyn, hope Molly's better today. I have to say there's nothing much that's nicer than cuddling up with a littley, it's one of my favourite things (no, I'm not having any more!!). That quilt is exquisite, you have no worries there, my dear!! And Adelaide's monkey is too cute for words - I'm not showing Fizzy!!


I love the colors--& that baby monkey looks just like a baby animal does when it's sleeping! Sort of contented. So sweet.


so so cute! I love the little quilt! Absolutely adorable.


Just catching up on the last couple of weeks on your blog ... and noticed in this quilt picture a familiar fabric. The material with the tiny pink rosebuds inside the criss cross vine! I found some old curtain remnants in an op shop in this material, and cut them up to make cushion covers! (I think it's Laura Ashley material).

I love it when you see something so familiar on someone else's blog!


I wrote this under the wrong day so will write it again. The lovely lovely quilt was for my Rebecca and we LOVE it. Thank you so much x

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