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Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Where do you live to be able to put a new post so early ?!!! I guess you're not so far from me !!! Well with this new post, once again you tempt me to buy all these japanese books !!! you're a tempter !!!! ;o) Can you explain to me what you mean by "I have no idea how to get hold of this" ?! this english expression is a little bit fuzzy to me ! Thanks again for all ! I'm impatient to read your answer to the mail I sent you this morning !! Oh I nearly forgot to say : your Lily is very cute !! was it hard to make ?! Hugs from Belgium


Thank you, thank you, thank you. There ain't no way I would have found that by myself!

I hope you have a fab day!


that Lily is so cuteeee !!!
I guess I'm gonna buy one of this beautiful japanese books one day !!!
I got a penpal in Japan, I'm gonna ask her about this :)

Kisses from France (it's really chilly here, there was a little bit of snow this morning in the streets, I love that !!!)


Got any snow?
Gorgeous pics. Lots of inspiration there. Hope to get some fun Christmas sewing done really soon. Have a lovely weekend!


I am IN LOVE with those Cotton & Paint magazines! I managed to find one here in Sydney at Kinokunya. I've got to make a special trip into the city to get the next edition. 3 months is so long to wait.


Lily is just to cute!
I love the Japanese books you've shown. I don't have any yet - I guess it's about time, huh?
I think I'll try, to get my hands on the one, with the super sweet bunny on the cover and it's not even that expensive. Well it might be before it gets here though, we pay 25% in tax on all items + toll and shipping, so it ends up pretty steep!
But it IS lovely!


I love Lily, I saw her on Flickr this morning first thing!!! FYI, The Japanese craft book it came from is here at my Japanese bookstore, so I can easily get my hands on it if anyone is interested in swapping. I love the pics you posted today, that little tree in the last picture is sooooo cute, what a neat idea. I may have to attempt something like that.


you're just a big tease aren't you? LOL!!!!


Lily is too cute for words!! And the latest issue of Cotton & Paint too?! Wow!

Débora Figueiredo

LIly is so cute :)
Another amazing japonese crafty book! Thank you for share these images with us :)


Lily is too cute for words...& Felt teacups! I am tickled pink at the prospect! (Mine will of course end up looking like chipped gravy boats; but try them, I must!) Thanks, for another inspir-fix :>)


Delurking to say thanks. I really appreciate all of your posts and wonderful inspiration.


Ahh! Lily is so cute! I am desperate for those books. I am trying to save money for my sons Christmas presents though. Why do they want plastic toys instead of felt tea cups??? Why does my husband want a PS2 instead of a penguin pencil case?


Fab---u--lOUS!!! Lily is adorable, thanks for all the inspiration Lyn... I have to get my sewing room (I mean dining room) cleaned up to try out some of this:D


Thanks for providing the link for the book, not least for the hilarious Google translations ... how on earth do they get "The male of the customer be completed degree" from "Average Customer Review"!!!


Lily is adorable. As for the other, I didn't see it, I didn't see it...


oh, thank you for always putting up photos! i don't mind not having the books, because i don't care so much for patterns, but i love seeing the pictures!!!!!!

!!!!!!! !!!

Passions & Distractions

More photos! Thank you!!!! SO much cuteness!!!!!


May I just say that Lily is even cuter than in the one in the book! You are amazing crafter.

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