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Oh no!! That link is BAD news for my budget. But thank you!! ;) And your tutorial is perfectly clear--love it!


Love the panda (and the idea about making a friend and not doing any housework), but the body is so not felt. What is it, some kind of wool fabric? I know it's what you use all the time, but it's time to spill the beans! (Please!!)


Your toys have the sweetest expressions, and I love the toys' toy. Thanks, as always for the terrific links!


lovely tutorial, thanks!


Wonderful - love the little friend. That Uncle Bob gets around, doesn't he...

And I'm sorry, you can't have Simon. Not even on eBay.


Love it! This is so great. I have a girlfriend who is all crazy about pandas and this will be the perfect holiday gift.


Thank you so much for the instructions. I have been wanting to make a softie for a long time and now with your directions there should be nothing else stopping me.


Anna H.

All I can say is:


Lyn, you're amazing.



Good girl, clever girl. What a wonderful find. I had to violate my fabric buying hiaitus. Yay!!

Excellent panda, excellent tutorial. You have so much talent!!!


Oh good lord Lyn what have you done??! I can feel my credit card creaking already, what a fabulous link, you can't imagine how many hours I've wasted looking for such a thing, you star! can not, will not go to sleep, oh dear...


So cute! So easy! I wish I didn't have so much to do today, I want to go make one *right* *now*!

(thanks for the tutorial)


Thanks for the tutorial... Do you handstitch all of your toys? My machine makes a blanket stitch, but to tell the truth it makes me too nervous to use it. :P This panda is so cute!


Thanks so much for the tutorial and for the fabric site!


I just love you tutorials, the panda is precious. Its been a Japanese inspiration day for me at the bookstore, how fitting I come home and continue the fun with your link. Someone stop me before I drain our bank account! : )

lisa s

first a cute panda and then that link?!? is this post for real? pinch me!


oh, you make it look sew easy.

laura r.

thank you for the panda pattern & great link!

Windy City Wendy

How darling! Thanks for the perfect craft to make with my daughter tomorrow. I think ours will be small enough to live in her dollhouse.

Passions & Distractions

WHEEEEEE!!!!! That panda is so cute! I love her little friend, too!!!!


The panda is cute.....but the friend is incredibly cute! Your pics are so clear and everything seems simple, you should propose an editor to make a book!
By the the way I had a promblem with my blog yesterday... now it's ok. :)


Thank you, thank you, thank you -
that is THE greatest shop ever!
Sweet panda too :o)


As someone said before, this is a dreamy post!
I have already ordered from that shop, couldnt help! I spent like, 2 hours, browsing with extreme delight...
Thanks for sharing!


I hadn't turned on my computer for a while, and then I checked your site only to find this adorable panda pattern!! And THEN, I found your comment on my blog!! (I really couldn't believe it...) thank you! I'm off to start a wee panda immediately. I've been a lurker on your site for ages, and simply love it..


That is a dear little panda. I can't believe how prolific you are.

And thanks for your comment today. How come I never picked up that you have three boys and then a girl? Woohoo, you must have been so tickled when she appeared!


What a sweet wee panda. And, oh my, that link is amazing, thanks so much for sharing it. So much fabric, so little time!!


thats lovely of you putting up that tutorial. That link has such beautiful things. Way out of my budget with it being in $US and postage to Australia EEKK!


Thank you! What a handy panda pattern! What fabric would you recommend? I think I have some white flannel lurking in a cupboard around here somewhere....
Thanks again for yet another inspiring idea/post, clever lady :>)


Oh how adorable! Oh how simple! Thank you for sharing this - it can be applied to so many ideas (other animals and shapes) and makes such a perfect little stuffie!! Sweet! :)


Thanks for this! But somehow I'm sure mine will never be as cute as yours!! :)


you are the best! stupendous, really.


My own panda -kind of- is in the link above. Thanks for the pattern!

Amanda Woodward

How wonderful, I found think link via Liquid Sky & I adore this panda, so great!! Thanks for posting it!


that beautiful, that long ago is hacian, memory a called magazine Ideas that explained those craft, memory horoscopo complete fact in felt
I have raised to Christmas mice in my blog I hope please to him, not this in English, if it wishes attempt to translate it



what else could you use besides felt?


Dear Lyn,
thank You so much for the lovely panda and even more lovely friend! Made it for my sister's birthday (she loves pandas) and, needless to say, she was so excited about it. I was excited too. (, sorry, it's all russian :) ). She has "shoots and leaves" in her pocket.


hey!!!!i just love this one!!!you do such amazing things!!!!well done!!!!tell me,i'm a french girl and i also have a creation blog;you can visit me at
i'm searching for a secret pal,would you like to be mine?(if you don't know the system,i explain it on my blog:you find a friend on a blog,and then you send eachother home made or not presents every 3 months,giving news in the same time!)So would you like to be mine?i'd love to share things with you!!!!i love everything kawai!!!
see you


Hy, Lynn, me again - Liza
Now a post in my blog (that was my sister's), with a proper link to your's :).

Also in russian :).



This tutorial is amazing & so simple thank you. Why haven't I read your blog before...its so wonderful to read! I'm adding you to my list! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

erica Mabry

Hi. Thank you for these tutorials, and for your wonderful blog - you make such beautiful things. I'm new to crafting and craft blogging, and I used this tutorial for my very first (ever!) sewing project. Here's my panda:

Thanks again!

anna maria lopez lopez

Wow! it is so lovely! I love the expression of all your creatures, they seem to be alive and happy!

Thanks for sharing your tutorials, techniques and creations.

Best regards from Spain,



Had a go making the panda...think i made the arms abit big.
I've linked your pattern from my site so others can now have a go


Your tutorial was great! I finished two in one day. I blogged the results. Thanks so much.


Thank-you so much for this post! This made a cute gift =]


How cute...
I think I`ll try one.


I used Anna Panda as a launching pattern to make a piggy for my nephew, seeing as he was born in the year of the pig. I posted a picture to Flickr:

Thanks for posting such great tutorials!


Too cute! You make it look so simple. My daughter loves pandas, I'll try to make one with her.


I love your panda ^^ I like to make me one but im new in this, can you tell me what materials do you use for make your cute panda ^^


Hi. Me very much to like here. I shall advise this site to the friends.
I am sorry for my English. I only learn this language.

Mariana Janela

Thanks for this tutorial !
I have made one !!!
Adorable pattern.


Thanks a lot for the tutorial! You are a truly talented. You have a blog filled with inspiration!!!


Oh! he is adorable,
Thank you indeed for this tutorial.


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kid's playroom

Oh great! Tnx for sharing this blog on how to make a panda stuffed toy! I now know how to make one! Tnx again!


very interesting, but I don't agree with you


While scrolling through the land of creativity, I came across your darling panda pattern. Can hardly wait to make one and wanted to say "thank you" for sharing with the rest of us out here.


wowsers thats cuutee maan


Have you seen this place ( with loads of cute animals... no patterns, but some fun things to do with your plush friends afterwards.


Thankyou so much for this.
Made a few for friends(and me) =3
So cute





though i use another material but the idea remain


çok güzel yapanın eline sağlık


cute little panda(s). I just saw some Panda videos in Youtube and i've been liking them, so this page that i've stumbled upon reminded me. =)

Sara de HC

So cute!!!


so CUTE!!!

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

sangeeta pal

please give me measurement for making soft toys & how can i make soft toys. please give me idea for this.
thanking for you.


how do u do the blanket stitch around the legs once its all together?

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