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Teddies in the snow--what could be more enjoyable?
I was on that hot swap tip yesterday! Now everyone knows!


By the way, they look like distant cousins of Johnny's!


Very cute! I've got the same "snow problem" (near the coast) here in Seattle, but they say it might snow tonight! Fingers crossed....Blair and I are nearly neighbors, and I work near that bookstore, so keep me in mind, too.


Enjoy the snow Lyn. We are hoping for the same here in Seattle, but you never know.


How cute are those bears!!
We have snow, too. Not that we're near the coast, but it's rare enough here. Walking to at least two schools tomorrow I think!! (Yay)
P.S the littlest bear is a finger puppet, right?


So adorable-- makes me want to become a Communist. You have four bears, I have none. Give me at least two. Love how you put the teeny snowball next to the teeny bear, heehee!


It snowed here in Bristol, too - 3" which is totally unheard of!

Those bears are so cute! Where do you buy your fabric from? :)


oh, i just want to hug them! what a great photograph too. and is the tiny bear a fingerpuppet? that's especially cool. actually, it's just cool that he's so teeny, fingerpuppet or no.


Well, it truly never snows here at all, so I am totally envious of anyone who lives anywhere near where it snows. I saw it for the first time two years ago and fell in love! Those bears are too cute for words by the way. =)

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