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Lovely! Their little flowered dresses are so cute!


That gave me a giggle. I guess, yes, a little startled - but darling. Will you give one to your sister and keep one for yourself so you have matching kitties? :)

Passions & Distractions

Does this post mean that the wee ones are feeling better? Hope so! Especiially since you are expecting vibrant company! The kitties are so cute! I love the little flowers on their chests and that "Surprise!" look! Have a great weekend!


Thanks for making me smile, these little kittens are so sweet and yes, stunned :). Have fun with your family!


Very cute! I love their surprised looks. Hee hee! :)


Yey! I am sooooooooo looking forward to seeing you. It will be fun.


Have a really fun time and buy lots of sparklies. Fizzy didn't get sparklies today, but she got a flocked plastic fawn with a cerise marabou collar from Paperchase. Her favourite sparkly shop is 'Fairies on the Rise' in Totnes. The girl puts fairy dust in your bag, what a treat!


They're so sweet. Enjoy your weekend, too. Your sister is a riot.


Ah, sounds like a good time in the making! My sister & I too share an affinity for sparkly things... we must've been raccoons in a former life... We intone, in zombie-like voices, "SHINY... PRETTY..." Have a wonderful looong weekend!


Such cute sisters! Hope you have a great weekend with yours. :)

Anna H.

Have a wonderful weekend -- hope the little ones are feeling better!



knowing how much i love hanging with my sister, i can see how excited you are! and i love the little guys.


The cute kitties look like I feel when I'm mesmerized by sparkly stuff...or drunk - only they're much cuter than me (& they dress better, too!)


I think Coco needs to switch to decaf. He's looking a little tweaked. :)


Oh my gosh, they are cute! They look to me like they've been in front of the TV too long. Time for a trip to the park!


very sweet. That is so nice that your sister has a blog so you can keep close. Have fun this w.e

Joyce Buzzard

Have fun getting wrecked this weekend!


I love them!!! Have fun on the weekend!


Beatiful kitten!!! Have fun with your family!!! can we hope a nice post about the week end?


have a wonderful weekend with your sis! those kitties are almost alive, they've so much personality.


Argh, they're so sweet. Have a knockout weekend!


Sounds like fun! Enjoy your weekend---and the kitties are purrfect as usual!


Now Coco and Lola... go easy on the sparkly stuff, 'cause you look a little crazed already (in a v. cute way, of course). Let the humans drink it up this time.


They are a cute pair! Hope you have a good weekend.

lori marie

that's exactly what we do when my sister comes to visit:)

hooray for sisters!


Ha ha, have a fun filled weekend!


Thanks for the comment on my one-sided Mary Jane slippers. Your kitties are too cute! I love the look in their eyes! Have fun with your sis and her family!

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