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Gina L

I want the panda bear and everything in the drawer with her.


I hope you own this baby and it's not just a dream! Loving the bunny and the hedgehog and deliriously happy bear with an "x" in his crouch.
Not that I'm hinting or anything...

Veronica TM

Hi Lynn, I love your blog and your work, so inspiring!! Thank you for sharing it.
Did you buy this book in yesasia? I have searched and can't find it. it is so beautiful!
Thanks again!


I can't wait to see what you make.


So I just decided that I didn't really need to buy anymore Japanese craft books for at least 6 months, and now you go and do this!


ohmigosh - i must get that book! Thank you for sharing it.


i love that hedgehog having a little hedgehog chat.


i was just thinking it was time for some more yesasia, thank-you for another book of beauty to add to my list (which is getting rather long now...)


I love this book! I looked quickly on AmazonJP and YesAsia and couldn't find it. Where did you get it? Thanks so much for the post.


Want it. Big time.


Oh, that hedgehog! And I've been looking all over for a pattern for one of those deer. Thanks again!


I'm in Hedgehog love!


Love it! Must have it!


Oh the little holiday hedgehog is darling - I wonder what he's saying to himself there! :)


i love the hedgie! i want to make one, maybe soon... let us know what you make!!!
caylie :D


it is all TOOOOO CUTE!!!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Absolutely delicious !! I need it !!!! But I do not read japanese !!!!!!!!! LOL !!


Oh my.. I just discovered your blog a month or so back, and have been lurking around since. Since then I have 1) bought myself a sewing machine 2) taught myself how to sew 3) produced a number of xmas presents, bags and purses and now 4) fallen in love with the hedgehod!
I've been weary about commenting on any of the blogs I have since discovered, for reasons I'm not sure of (could it be that I'm scared if I start I won't be able to stop?), but the hedgie pushed me right over the line. It's the most beautiful little creature I've ever seen! Please let us know where you got the book :-) (Hopefully I will be able to get it shipped to Norway, or I won't be able to sleep at night..)
Thank you for an incredibly inspiring blog - I've become a better person since discovering the fun of creating!
(See what I mean..won't be able to stop..)


What a beautiful pictures!!! All this creations are amazing!! So beautiful!!Thanks for posting these.

natacha matic

I'm jealous!!! It could be a nice idea to make a trade with crafty magazines...


OMG!!!! [thump]
(picks herself off floor due to overload of "gottogetmesome"itis!)

Lisa G

WHERE? WHERE? WHERE did you get it? I can't find it at Amazon nor YesAsia, like alot of the others. Oh, please put us out of our misery!

Oh, and can you let me know first so I can get in before everyone else...hehehe...only kidding but I have a feeling the lucky store will sell out!!


I just got this book too and am so happy with it! I'm absolutely in love with the little hedghog :)

Passions & Distractions

So sweet I think I've gone into sugar shock! I would give most anything to know what they are saying in those little voice bubbles!


Here's a link to the stuffie book:

I made my first order from a few days ago with the helpful tips provided at Crafting Japanese, such a great reasource!


Hmm, not sure how that "a" got in resource. Email me if the link doesn't work!

Jessica Kenenske

You're right. I didn't think it could get any showed me I was wrong.

Christy Larsen

I had to order this book after I saw your creations. I just love them.

Laura Weldon

Did you order it used? That seems to be all that's available, but when I've tried to order one, I get a message that they can't be shipped. I love that little hedgehog!

green jelly

THIS BOOK IS ALWAYS ON EBAY.COM not the uk site but the USA site, they post to the uk for $9 and i got it really quick, you dont need to read japanese as the patterns are self explanitory really easy...goodly stuff


Has anyone seen the book available recently? I have looked on Ebay and Esty and don't want to pay the huge AmazonJP shipping. Anyone know another source for it?


I love your blog
really cute
and I love pandas n_________n

Sayooo. =D

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