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God, Are they ever in school? What with half-term, holidays, inset days and illness how is anyone supposed to get any crafting done? Great site link. Do you think all the girls in Japan are busy stitching cute animals? Do you think these are grown women like ourselves making these? I don't. I think they are all about 19-23 and then they stop and do something else. Like grow up.


I hope your little ones feel better! I have one at home today too with the sore throat - fever bug. Great link!!

Passions & Distractions

I hope they feel much better quickly! Thanks for sharing the link! There are some really cute things on there! I love the embroidery of the two people talking into the tin cans and all the things that are hanging off the string!


Oh dear, the ever dreaded, "mom, I think I'm going to...." Sending you thoughts of sweet lilacs in Spring and even island gardenias! Great link, I LOVE the watercolors!

margaret Werner

Maybe it's international? my kids are in the same way (in Switzerland) argh! all crafty things only occuring in my head at the moment. Love your site and your style


Hey Lyn - I'm ever so sorry for you! Yours are a bit bigger than our Lexie, I think. She throws up delicately into a tea towel usually, which makes everything considerably more pleasant! Hope all the washing gets dry. I just had a quick look at that site and am hugely fired up to make a purse. So thanks for that!!


Oh dear, sorry for you and the kiddos. I feel your pain. We are still living in a hotel and i've been around the kiddos 24/7 for so long I can't remember what it's like to have time to myself and create. And..I'm getting...very...cranky. =0)
Hope you're sweeties feel better soon and you get some time to unwind.


oh lyn! i am so sorry! as you know, the bug just visited our house...i will keep you in my thoughts.


Poor you. Poor children. Poor washing-machine. Hope you all cope until it's over.


Hope everyone recovers soon! Take care, and thanks for the link.


Good luck with those sick kids. So much work for you. Hang in there! Hopefully they get better quickly.


Hang in there!


I hope the children are better very soon! Mine had it only a week ago, and my husband and I got it too. The washing as astronomical ( from the boys, not us!).


oh yuck. I hope the sickness leaves your home in a hurry before anyone else catches it! I think some wine just might help YOU ward it off, don't you think?


Thanks for your sweet comment about Kath's bag. I loved working with the reds because I never do really, being a green kind of gal. Sorry about the tummy bugs, I feel your pain. Just remember, not to feed them any blue gatorade (not my idea, it was the grandfather)thinking that it will surely hydrate them.


Thanks for the link - what beautiful and inspiring work! I hope your little ones are on the mend.

laura r.

too bad about the sickies,
that link! wOw! thank you.


You give the best links! Sorry about your sick kids, I feel sure we'll be in the same place at some point this season.


I'm just getting over that myself and let me tell you, I'd rather have it myself than cope with the little one having it.
I hate when my kid is sick.

Anna H.

Hope the little ones feel better soon!



Hope your little ones are feeling better & Mum & Dad haven't come down with "IT" - Take care!
xoxo :>)

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