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I love looking at all the things you do---that sounds like a good idea to make up kits---
Everytime I try to go Christmas shopping, I only see stuff I want!


He'd need a good rest after that party! I love his little sleeping bag.


That's adorable!


This is so sweet!! Sleep well cute penguin!

Passions & Distractions

After a party like that, he should definitely be resting, but I'll bet he's still on a gingerbread rush! So much cuteness!

laura r.

you give us the best links!
thank you!

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

These birdies are faboo woman!

natacha matic

Your penguin is one of the most adorable creature I've seen! the day you're ok to do a swap with me just let me know :D


Eeeeeeee! That's me squealing with delight at the cuteness! That is totally adorable!!!


Ooh, he is just adorable. I think he's had too much caffeine though - I recognise that look...He'll probably hop out of his sleeping bag and go read blogs till it wears off, that's what I do....


That is one sugared-up penguin!! I don't envy you with him in your home doing naughty penguin things. (Pecking at the Christmas tree, eating the chocolate baubles, making a den out of felt and batting and other crafty kit goodness!) Good job you have his arms pinned!!
Great ideas for Christmas - patterns included? And you should have a competition (£1 entry, everyone votes, winner gets the pot. And you're disqualified!)

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Oh so cute !! I love it ! But I think you should make big hugs to him because he had nightmares !!!! You are such full of inspiration ! Thanks a lot for sharing ! Cheers


really loved your ideas ! cheers


I think maybe he needs a sleep mask and some warm milk.


Oh the Cuteness!!! Just when I think you couldn't possibly make anything better, you do!


I think the wee penguin may be a bit worried about the consequences of party misbehaviour...


Adorable little fellow! That inspiration is so sweet and fun. I hope your family has fun crafting!


what a c-ute penguin! He looks sugared-up indeed! and a great idea to make kits for presents, i have a very crafty (in a good way!) sister and that's a great idea for her...


So cute. Thank you for being such an inspiration every time I visit!


And will said family members make these crafts or will this be another case of "oh, you don't want it? Oh, I guess I'll keep it then." Ha, ha, ha, excellent idea (said in Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, style evil voice.)


Oh, and love penguin.


How did I just now find your blog? I have been missing out. So many cute and amazing ideas!!! Love the pengiun sleeping bag, maybe he'll stay out of trouble all tucked away.

Dacia Ray

So very cute. I like the snail!

Oyun Oyna

really loved your ideas

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