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For a moment I thought you'd taken a photo of our box of decorations... Thomas is always determined to ditch the bad taste stuff - he's chief tree decorator - but the girls manage to sneak some tat on when he's not looking.


I say bring on the bad taste. who needs or wants a tree decorated only in silver OR gold? NOT ME. Bring on an thing that sparkles.


Too funny! I am still chuckling out loud. We all have that box in our stuff!!!!!!


oooooooo, sparklies! :o)


hee hee. awesome.


hahhaha! That's the way to do it...all out!

Susan Jonsson

Hi...I just made a bunny like yours...did you mean to switch the arms for legs? and....since the instructions are in Japanese....Did you make darts for the face...or 3 separate piecs? Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and inspirations....



Okay, the dolly scares me--but the snowman he's totally cool!


Susan, I switched the arms and legs so she can hug a bunny blanket-which works better with shorter arms, and I made the face in one piece with darts.


Who says a little glitz and "bling bling" for the season isn't in good taste? Its all relative I say. If your house had this type of flash all year, I'd worry.

laura r.

O yeah!
this is so up my candycane alley.
great assemblage!


Way fun stuff! I especially like the leafy garland.

You know all you would need to lose is the snowman and Santa and you'd be ready for Mardi Gras!



love the dolly from previous post though - now that is tastefull.

thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog - have a merry christmas.


That little tinsel wrapped doll looks a wee bit nervous about being placed so closed to Santa's out reached hand...


Exuberance rules! The little angel is too cute.


Did you steal those ornaments from my Gran? She had that very doll. One year its head fell off, and she used clear nail polish to stick it back on. *he he*

Siow Chin

My girls would certainly approve of those decorations! ;)

Gina l

Colorful picture!
Who says it's bad taste. Decorating is about surrounding yourself with things you like, that make you feel good or laugh. I say there are no rules.


Hah! Good taste has no place at X-mas. When I lived in New Jersey, sometimes I would drive from my town Edison (taste-wise, think The Sopranos) to Princeton (very Martha Stewart). The rest of the year, I'd long for Princeton, but at X-mas, give me the loud, the tacky, the garish over-the-top every time! (But then, I grew up with a spangly silver aluminum X-mas tree.)


bring on the glitz and glitter, with gobs and gobs of tinsel! (it does look as though santa's hand was just somewhere it shouldn't have been.)

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Oh too funny ! I love these vintage decorations !! It makes me think about my grandmother ones !!!! Unfortunately they have been thrown in garbage ;o( Now I would pay heavy price to have them !!! You're lucky !


ha! that is obnoxiously wonderful :)

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