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abby powell

Please don't change her-this is too beautiful!


I think she's VERY cute, but I do see what you mean about the features being a little heavy for the fabric. Maybe the snout piece should be a similar fabric weight?


Well, I haven't seen the other face and I have to say that this one is pretty darn cute. I'd keep it.


No, the face really works. It's lovely.


She's lovely. I really think she's very cute!


I ordered that book -- my first Japanese craft book! -- from amazon japan based on your post about it. I'm so glad I did. Your Milly is adorable (of course, I have a Milly too, of the human variety)!


I'm for keeping the face.
I am waiting for my copy of this book and a few others to arrive from Amazon jp and I haven't waited with this much anticipation for something since I was a little kid. How long can it possibly take to come halfway around the world? Ok, maybe I just answered my own question.

Lovely bunny!


I find Milly to be thoroughly modern. (sorry, I suffer from a disorder that requires me to make bad jokes and puns. I'm seeking help.)


I, personally, am bad with faces. I will make a large creature with a dainty face or vice versa. I think Milly's face is just right for her. So cute, but, then again, I like everything you make.


I think her face is just fine. Noticed those tiny buttons though! You wretch! How come you live in the middle of nowhere and find such super materials and I live in a big town where you can buy 'anything' (as long as it's clothes) and not a decent craft shop for miles. Actually, the nearest reasonable craft shop to me is in Totnes! Hah!! (only about 150 miles!!)


I meant to say I wouldn't change Milly at all - I am talking about any future relatives for the modifications :)


I agree, Rose. Maybe next time, I would stick with linen and cotton. She's growing on me now though, so I think she's escaped the scissors : )


She's adorable! What is Craft Book 12? I typed that into Google and got just random hits.


No offense, but I think Milly may be a transvestite. I hope I can get away with saying that.


Kay, I can see where you're coming from, but if you look closely, you'll notice she has cellulite.


Cute bunny!


i'm for keeping the face too. i think it has so much personality! she looks capable, generous and maybe a little eager to please, but spunky if she's crossed.


Aww, she's adorable! Love her patchwork body!


She's cute! The face is nice - lots of character, and she doesn't have thick enough eyebrows to be a transvestite. Love the patchwork body.


Looooove your bunny! She's adorable.
What's craft book 12?


Lyn, as usual your creations are sublime. She is so cute I could eat her with a spoon. Her face is exactly how it needs to be. Works perfectly for me.


she looks pretty as is. : ) adorable!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Hi Lyn !!! I love this cute doll !!! I really need to buy this book !! I wanted to tell you that with the links you gave to me I've bought five Kaffe Fasset fabrics that I'm impatient to receive !!! I'm still watching for wool fabrics or felt and I desperately can't find some ;o( If you have a new link or a clue to find some I would be very happy !!! Thanks again for all your help ! Hugs to you !

sandra lamb

I think silly milly is the cutest!

Passions & Distractions

I think she's adorable with her patchwork body!


Ooooohhh ce qu'il est beau !!!!
J'adore !! Il irait bien dans ma collection de petits lapins !

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